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Near Farewell Bend along the Oregon Trail. We are stopped at a Weigh Station while dad has permits inspected
OKay, so I had had this long standing goal to visit ALL 50 American states by the age of 30... well, I am thirty and as of today, for the very first time, I can say that I have seen Oregon. Oregon makes state 46!

I love visiting a new state!! There is so much excitement building up within my whole self as the miles go by!! Seriously, I can feel my skin jump and twitch with a childlike eagerness. What will this new mysterious state be like? Will I like it? will it like me back?? will it be a be as beautiful as I have imagined?

Oh let me tell you that Oregon was as beautiful as I had hoped and imagined!! The mountains, the trees, The bold and Columbian River!! All of it! It was a feast for the eyes!!

Sadly I only saw it from my car and we make one overnight stop at a casino hotel near Pendleton (I think that was the name of the town).
For hours I see this juxtaposed with the changing American scenery..
It was late when we pulled over and there was no time to explore as we needed to rest.. Tomorrow is gonna be a LOOOOONG day.. But more on that later!

I wish I could write about a crazy Oregon adventure, but I won't have one until I return east, when I won't be behind a slow moving truck and will be able to pull over whenever my heart desires!!! I was thinking of exploring Hells Canyon… I hear there are old houses from the Pioneer era still partially standing… I don't know how much time I have before I have to be back in NJ, but I soooooo want to find one of those houses.. ooh that childlike eagerness is coming back!! :P

Well Happy 46 states to meeeeee!! :P
Koralifix says:
Congrats on having this travel blog featured! Nicely done!
Posted on: Mar 12, 2010
ebbin says:
Congrats on your 46th state and all the best for the rest!!!
Posted on: Mar 11, 2010
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Near Farewell Bend along the Orego…
Near Farewell Bend along the Oreg…
For hours I see this juxtaposed wi…
For hours I see this juxtaposed w…
Windtowers along the Columbian Riv…
Windtowers along the Columbian Ri…
Driving along the Columbian River
Driving along the Columbian River