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I have been making notes in a little black sketch book referencing the plethora of abandoned and decaying rural houses I pass across the country. I can't always just pull over and explore while I am working but these notes help me plan my return trips so I can hit up the places that caught my interest. I make note of where the building is located, what the landscape is like and its condition. I write the details that I had immediately noticed when passing the building. So far it has helped!

This house in Oregon is located along Interstate 80 and looks like it was once a beautiful and well loved farm house. There is a brand new truck stop across the street. I am guessing that the truck stop was once the farm.... Just a guess.

When I first saw the house the sun had already gone down, far too late for clear and decent photos.
When I returned a few days later, the sun was close to disappearing past the horizon. Fortunately there was still enough natural light to carefully explore the building and take a few decent photos. The interior, however, was still too dark to photograph without using flash. I'm not a fan of the flash.

It was easy to enter the house. All the windows were missing and the door was wide open. Inside was filled with your typical debris that is often left behind. Some of it was old, some was new. I did notice several mateless shoes.. They were mostly in poor condition and it was difficult to tell if they were left behind by local kids or by the former occupants. I suspect local kids. Some graffiti was on the walls, but not as much as one would have expected to find considering the location and easy access of the building.
Second floor was not easily approachable. Several steps were missing and the wood looks weak. I'm always too nervous to go upstairs.. Especially since I am alone and no one usually knows where I am...

What impressed me most about this particular house was its unique details. It was built into a slight hill and inside there still existed layers of wallpaper clinging to the aging walls. I couldn't decide if the wall paper was tacky or stunning. And if it was stunning was it always so or is it the age and filth that makes it so attractive??

I have mentioned before how each house has its own vibe or energy. The energy of this house was pleasant. I didn't feel unwelcome when entering the building. In fact I felt like I was wanted by the house. As if it were a bit lonely.
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