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I haven't seen this old high school friend of mine in many years.. We lost contact after my ex and I had broken up, a long and disastrous story, and during the same time she was going through some tough times of her own. I had never wanted her to feel stuck in the middle of the break-up between my ex and I, nor at the time did I think I could handle being around anything or one that was so closely connected to him. Fortunately, through the wonders of Facebook, we reconnected and both find ourselves in a better place to pick up our friendship where it last was left. So off we go on a beautiful adventure!

My mother had told me of this old abandoned house close to the Princeton area that she had past by a week earlier with her friends. I had never personally seen it and of course I was immediately interested in exploring the place.
Though I must admit that this time I was feeling a bit nervous. Not of seeing and having an adventure with my old friend, but of being caught while exploring this house. It's not located in a rural setting like the other houses that I find. The road is busy with passing traffic and the locals are more likely to call the police if they saw us. The elements that I find personal security with when exploring other houses are non existent for this house. Plus the chances of coming across people squatting or partaking in illegal activities are, in my opinion, a bit higher in more crowded areas compared to the possibilities in the rural landscapes of the West.

Despite my anxieties I knew that I would completely regret not checking the place out and I am so happy that I decided to go! I picked Kara up around noon and off we went down 206!.
. well actually we made a pit stop at Whole foods for the most delicious vegan brownie in the world, some fruit and Izzy's sparkling water. I was in the mood for a picnic too!! LOL :P:P

I am having problems with my computer camera software.. I will post some images and later when the issue is fixed I will post the better photos!

Kara and I found the place without much trouble and thought how lucky we were that the gate was wide open. It was like it was waiting for us! Of course we later learned that the gate was open because far in the back there were a few workers, but more on that later!

Discreetly we quickly pulled into a parking spot behind some shrubbery, out of sight from the main road and like jovial children we ran toward the house.
Immediately began taking photos and poking around the yard. The house was mostly boarded up and in very good condition, when compared to the rural houses I had surveyed in the West. The property was a bit overgrown, but not too bad. The house paint was mostly intact, but when standing on the porch and then later inside we could see thousands of cracks and paint chips collecting in the corners.

There was one window that wasn't boarded up and getting in was easy as pie! Most of the rooms were dark, but there was still plenty of light spilling in from the cracks. It was apparent that the place was not empty for very long, again it was still in very decent condition. The floors were strong and the walls were still intact. the only real damage was broken windows and paint peeling off the walls.
Each room had its own color and from our initial intake we guessed that the house was actually three separate apartments. Upstairs were two kitchens and in the main foyer was a fire alarm commonly seen in buildings where multiple families occupy. From some troll doll stickers that I saw in one room I guessed that the house was abandoned sometime during the early to mid 90's. Later on I found that my guess was fairly accurate!! GO ME!! :P

After we crawled out of the house we decided to walk further down the road toward what looked to be another possible building. the closer we got we realized that it wasn't just one other building but two and then we saw additional two more from there and more even further down. We kept asking ourselves, What kind of place was this??? I speculated that it was a private school of some sort, but then there was a hospital emblem on one of the buildings and what looked like a factory further down the road.

It was at the factory building that we saw all the workers, quietly we decided to turn around as if we were done exploring the grounds and continue back. along the way we planned our return to these buildings with flashlights and a recharged camera battery!

Until then we enjoyed our picnic while my camera battery recharged and had a coincidental meeting with Gary who gave us a sort of 'Okay' to stay on the grounds after everyone left as long as we didn't get into trouble... He also warned us of patrolling police along with some background info of the area..

Apparently we were on the grounds of what was once an Epilepsy village. The village was self sustaining and abandoned in the mid 90's, like I had guessed!!! The property had been bought by the town and is in a slow process of being renovated!

With what we felt was Gary's blessing to stay on the property we drove toward the back of the village and decided to photograph one more building.
We had no intention of entering the building at first with out flashlights. But then we found an open door and neither of us could resist!

So in we go and wow what an impressionable space! Each room was painted in its own hideous color! More walls with peeling paint, large empty rooms, wide hallways, beautiful windows, narrow closets, doors removed and a room filled with psychological papers dating back to the 1960's! On the first floor, with a limited light source, there were vines growing into the rooms through the broken window panes.

The sun was going down and it was time to leave. I plan to return again, but with a tripod and some flashlights!

Later I did some research and found that there are several reports of ghosts and other paranormal activity! I can't say that I experienced anything out of the ordinary.
I did feel that I was walking through the stale energy left behind old occupants, but I always feel that when I walk into an older space.

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photo by: esterrene