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Really, this has been a not so fun week for me.

Earlier in the week, in Texas, I have a heat stroke because Simone will overheat while on the road unless I blast the interior heat.. Mind you it is already 100 plus degrees outside! when we finally did stop I had such difficulty in standing and walking about without vomiting.. The whole world seemed to slow down and become slightly darker.. Later that night, when I thought I was better, I tried to sleep and experience this strange sensation that my world was moving in several directions, at various speeds and through different movements all at once. Every time I close my eyes I feel like I am sliding, falling, vibrating, shaking, rolling and expanding simultaneously! The longer I kept my eye closed the more intense this bizarre feeling became.. It was very much like on of those hollywood acid trip flash backs seen in films and tv shows, but I have never tried acid or any kind of hallucinants to know first hand if this would be anything like a flash back. Either way it was strange...  Finally I began to meditate on my breathing, I found that that helped lessen the weird trippy thing and that eventually helped me go to sleep...

Every day since we left Coleman, Tx has been met with some permit issues and delays. This is my final work trip before going home to Baton Rouge and everything is going sooo slowly! It is pure torture! And to top it off we are heading to Idaho Falls.. My least favorite job site, thanks to a few ignorant jerks working the site!!  

Simone also begins to act up again in Idaho.. She has moments when she will shake and rattle in a way that is not normal for her while we are idling at stop lights..  Now her engine light is on and I am told that Bank 2 needs replacing..  whatever the heck that means. Simone has been my trusty vehicle since I drove her off the sales lot 6 years ago. She has never given me any real problems until about 6 months ago when all the basic maintenance stuff began to happen... 

I may need to start looking for a newer car model.. Too many little things keep happening and with my job I need something that I don't have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of no mans land! But at the same time the idea of not having my Simone saddens me.. She is more than a car, she is an adventurer! 

And to top everything off I have a stubborn splinter in my finger and no way to get the damn thing out!!! It was lodge deeply in my finger and hurt like hell! I stopped at a nearby truckstop to see if they sold any tweezers, but no luck.. I asked the lady behind the counter if she had a razor or some really sharp object. Surprisingly she did have something sharp and even more surprisingly she gave me a box cutter...  

The plan was to cut slowly cut the top layers of skin so I can easily dig the damn splinter out!  Extreme, I know, but it was driving me crazy and I was desperate to get it out!!! but the splinter was in my right hand and I am not very steady with my left hand... I soon gave up and about 4 hours later met up with someone who had a pair of good tweezers and were able to dig in and pull the fattest and most annoying splinter I have ever had! 

Next week will be better! it has to be!

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