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I left Baton Rouge this afternoon for the latest work trip. I'm heading to a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan for three trips to Colorado! This should be fun. New places and possibly new houses.

About an hour into the Mississippi section of my drive I notice a K-9 Sheriff car parked on the median. I wasn't worried as I was NOT on my phone AND I was driving 5 miles under the speed limit which is practically unheard of!! Despite my legal standing I still have to check to make sure that he didn't pull out which he didn't .... at first..

A couple of minutes later I notice him speeding up behind me.. I am still driving 5 miles below the speed limit (70 MPH) and I am staying in the right lane, since I didn't care to pass the car ahead of me. The Sheriff car was definitely catching up and then decided to change to the left lane. Good I thought. Legal standing or not, no one wants the sheriff on their ass... 

He then pulls up slightly to my left before quickly dropping speed, changing into the right lane and turning his lights on...

WTF!!! I thought. Still not speeding, and still not on the phone - in fact I didn't even know where the damn phone was! But now I am worried.. I didn't do anything that I know of and I do not have my updated car insurance card. I know, I know Baaaad Amber! :(

The officer walked up to my passenger side window instead of the driver side, hmm Strange, and then began to explain to me that I "Drifted slightly to the right"..  again strange because I KNOW that I did not drift. when I gave him a quizzical look he replied "you didn't go over the line or anything, just slightly to the right". Okay.... I'm still not buying it...

Then he begins to ask about my job. Like company name, am I currently working, is this a company car, etc etc.... Okay,these are not your normal cop questions, but I figured maybe he is looking for a different job or perhaps Mississippi made some changes to their pilot car policies unbeknownst to me.

He then finally asked for my drivers license and asked me "do you have insurance that covers this job?" again another weird question.. usually it is automatically "license, registration and insurance" before anything else is said.. I nervously show him my expired insurance card and explained that I hadn't received the new card yet, blah blah blah BLAH...

No problem he says. Is all the info the same? "Yep" I reply and I offer to call my insurance company for him to verify but instead off he goes with my license to run a quick check..

within seconds he is back  - seriously that was the quickest 'license check' ever!!! 

He then asked me if it was okay if he asked me some questions... Like I am gonna say no!!

Now before I continue on i must state that I firmly believe that these questions are the real reason to why I was pulled over...

Officer: Are you really from NJ??

Me:  Yep.. Born in the South but raised in Jersey! - (I like to mention this so that there would be some sense of 'Kin') 

Officer: Are you on the road a lot??

Me: OH HECK YEAH! I practically live on the road....

Officer: I was watching that cop show - I'm sure you heard of it- and they filmed some in NJ. The cops up there curse a lot. everyone was cursing a lot.... Do they really curse like that in NJ?? 

Me: (with a big grin) YES we do! We love our swear words in NJ. 

Officer: wow... I thought maybe it was a stereotype.

Me: well not everyone is like that, but it is still pretty common for someone to slip in a few colorful expressions while having a nice and normal conversation..

Officer: well thank you, I just wanted to ask. Have a save drive.

Me: Thanks Officer. You too..

Possibly one of my more stranger moments!! 

SOOOOOOOO thankful about not getting busted over the insurance card!!! Gosh I hope my dad remembered to bring it with him!





esterrene says:
Jersey Girls are Special girls!! ;)

Posted on: Aug 22, 2010
fransglobal says:
Greetings from Rockaway, NJ. Don't hear people cursing here. Though I have heard about Jersey girls...
Posted on: Aug 22, 2010
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