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There is an actual town in Colorado called Last Chance. The first time I sat the sign for Last Chance I originally thought it was a sign warning travelers to fuel up before leaving Brush, CO. Nope, it really does exist! 

There isn’t much information to be found about the town on the web, I had to look it up. Apparently it was once a bustling town back in the 50’s until Interstate 70 was built and diverted traffic away from the town. There were once several cafes, gas stations, hotels and other neat little shops for road tripping American Families. It was a last stop kind of place for people traveling to and from Denver

The town is located in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Colorado, surrounded by nothing and at least an hour away from another town of substantial size.

Now Last Chance is just another American ghost town with maybe one family living in the area. I could hear the mother and her children laughing and playing nearby as I  was exploring the remnants of an old empty motel, The Last Chance Motel.  The motel was made up of a few long rectangular buildings and a separate house for the owners.

Inside it looked like a cluster of tornados were squatting together. Chairs, tables and other bits of furniture were thrown into disarray. Sections of the floor were missing, broken bits of window glass reflecting the sunlight’s glare from the ground, and years of dirt muting once vivid colors.  Inside one hotel room was a piece of store bought artwork screwed crookedly into the wall. The pale pinks and blues reminded me of the 80’s.

I remember those exact hues from horrid school pictures and on cheap vases in furniture shops.

The large separate house where the owners would have stayed and guests would have checked in was in better condition than the hotel rooms, but still a chaotic mess. Moldy shaggy carpet, a few twin sized beds, broken dishes covering the floor, overturned frig, and other interesting objects to find. 

I want to guess that the place closed in the late 80’s. The ugly piece of artwork and gross carpet along with an old stationary exercise bike found out front are my main clues.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think I would be far off in my estimate.

There were a few more houses in the area that I wanted to check out, but time was limited to I decided to explore the one that was a little further away and easier to access from the road.


More on that house later...

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Last Chance
photo by: esterrene