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This abandoned house would have escaped my knowledge and camera if it wasn't for the brief and lucky moment of me looking to the right when we came to the top of a nearby hill..

The house was isolated and existed behind some very active RR Tracks.. It was far enough from the road for me to be unsure on whether or not it was abandoned. At first I thought I would have to park 'Simone', my vehicle, on the side of the highway and run across the tracks and a field to explore the house.. Again luck was on my side and I found a dirt road that was accessible and led right to the front gate!! JOY!!!

At the front steps was a christmas tree tangled with another tree, still green and still boasting a red ribbon.. kinda sad :( It was an indicator that the house wasn't empty for all that long.
Windows were broken and the front door was missing.. inside was a mess!!!! Walls were missing large gaps and showed some signed of a fire. I didn't see any real fire damage to the rest of the house, so I think the fire was controlled to the one wall and obviously set after the previous occupants had left.. Walls were either yellow or blue and the kitchen was destroyed! cabinets left open and an entire counter, containing the sink, was pushed over onto its front side.. behind it was another hole in the wall.. past the kitchen was a small room with a set of cement stairs leading to the basement.. I chose not to go down.. On the steps there was a rotting ball of fur with some bones sticking out and there was absolutely no light. I didn't think of bringing a light source with me, nor did I want to stumble around in the dark basement of a house that apparently become the resting place for dead animals.

outside was a couple of barn. I looked around them and found nothing too interesting except outside and behind the larger barn was a pile of odd objects and another rotting animal corpse... I found an old Polaroid camera, a Rambo thermos for a kids lunchbox, a classic 80's lunch box, not sure what the image was, and another thermos.. all left outside to the elements,,

Since everything was outside in a pile and seemed to be still in some decent condition I am assuming that it all was originally in the main house and some people recently came along and had a destructive party... Very disrespectful!!!

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photo by: esterrene