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My day starts in Cheyenne, Wyoming but ends in Omaha, Nebraska!

I drop dad off at the truck stop, The mechanics are finished with all repairs and he eagerly sets off to Iowa, hoping to bypass . I'm gonna leave as well, but only after completing a few personal errands that I have been putting off for weeks!! including mailing this wonderful smelling Tea to my best friend in Columbus,OH! so sorry Christy that it took this long to get you your tea!!! Hope it helps with finding Zen! :P

While filling up my gas tank at a truckstop I notice two young backpakers with a banjo and a cardboard sign for Omaha. I contemplated on whether I should pick them up, but my car was still extremely messy from my encounter with the WY DOT and I still needed to run those errands in town.
ONLY ONLY women!! hahaha :P
I figured that if they are still waiting there for a ride when I finish what I had to do then I will pick them up. When I come back they are gone. Interestingly it is not the last time I shall see them today..

Eastbound I go!

but not before taking a brave stop at the isolated truckstop with an indian restaurant. I have seen this place numerous of times and always thought to myself that eating here will either be surprisingly good or just like that episode from Futurama where Fry eats the egg sandwich from a bathroom vending machine. I was happy to say that the food was good, not the best Indian cuisine, but def safe and worth another visit.. I was greatly amused by the "only only women" sign on the bathroom door! haha apparently some people get confused ;P

Several hours went by before I saw those boys again in lexington, Nebraska.
Ben and Jerry
I stopped for more fuel and decided that this was definitely kismet! They were even dropped off at the same gas station that I was pumping at!! I offered them a ride and we rearrange all the crap in my car so that they could fit with some decent comfort and to Omoha we go!

I learn that their names are Ben and Jerry (hehe) and they are both from CA on their way to the East coast. Jerry plans to go to VA to meet up with some friends and from there possibly head north into NY state, Ben was heading to PA for the annual Rainbow meeting. The Rainbow meeting, I was told, is probably why there are so many more backpakers walking the roads this summer. It was originally intended to be held in TN, but the plan changed due to the flooding around Nashville. We talked about several topics ranging from cars with great names, places we have been, places we are going and the most interesting topic was about Hobos!! These young lanky and stinky boys have catching freight trains as a means for transportation.

They were lucky to meet a man who has been living the Hobo life for the past 19 years and was able to teach them how, when and where to catch a train. Jerry went over all the different train cars and how one would get inside and sit without getting caught! I was fascinated with this!! I have had conversations with friends about wanting to someday just catch a train and see where it takes me, but thought that it would be impossible. I guess it isn't.. I knew that there was a Hobo museum in Britt, IA and the young boys heard about it too. i guess there Hobo mentor will be going there this August for a Hobo festival!!!! sounds like fun and I wil have to try and make it!!!

I drop the boys off in Iowa, just across the Missouri River and bid them a safe trip. They don't know how long they plan to travel or if they will ever return to CA.. ahh such freedom! I really enjoyed there company and almost thought about driving further for them if I didn't already have plans in Omaha. Their company made the last 4 hours of the trip feel so much faster. also i didn't realize how lonely I actually can feel until I realized how much I was talking.. I know I can be a talkative person, especially when I am nervous and around someone I like or admire, but this was not nervousness. This was thankful to having someone, besides dad and a couple other drivers, to talk to..

It kinda got me thinking to how this job affects me mentally and emotionally. Though I see tons of different people and places a day, I am still mostly inside my car and isolated from others.. Most of my communication is through technology. Cellphones, computers and CB radios.. Its the nature of the job I suppose and probably why I have been feeling so desperate to take a couple weeks off and go home for a mental recharge!! I need people interaction!! I love traveling on my own and being alone with my surroundings, but I am feeling that I have hit this year's quota on the "Me Time"..

After dropping the boys off I head back the couple miles West and get myself a hotel room. The plan is to go out late at night and photograph some Urban decay for my friend. He is making a film and needs some images for the poster.. I have been wanting to practice my night photography, I am really impatient with night photography, and haven't seen Omaha yet..

Not much happened, I found the city to be cleaner than I had hope.. It had some gritty spots but it wasn't the visual I was looking for and def not what my friend had in mind.. Brooklyn, detroit, philly would be better places to shoot, but I don't think I will be near any of those places any time soon..

I did meet some cool people and was invited to shoot some photos from the roof top of a bar in mid city area! A couple saw me taking pictures of their street and offered to let me onto the roof of the bar via their kitchen window! How can I turn THAT down!! and I got a beer out of the deal! :P:P I had jovial discussions about the midwest culture and photography with the young couple and then decided it was best to be on my way.. Met a few other random strangers in Omaha too, the city was pretty friendly for 2 am..

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ONLY ONLY women!! hahaha :P
ONLY ONLY women!! hahaha :P
Ben and Jerry
Ben and Jerry
photo by: esterrene