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While on my way to Nicodemus, KS I saw a man walking along the road with a huge backpack and duffle bag.. Sometimes when I see hitchikers I have this internal debate on whether or not I should pick them up.. I know there is potential danger, but I really hate living my life based on what others find dangerous! One of my goals this year is to trust my instincts more often and my instincts are telling me that he is not a danger..

Tom was a soft spoken middle aged man with a light complexion from Casper, WY. He didn't talk very much and was on his way to Wichita, KS in search of paralegal work.. He had an obvious passion for legal equality.
When I could get him to talk about his life, his body would shift and he began speaking about the discriminations still in existence in the workplace.. He had some interesting things to say about the topic.. stuff that I hadn't even considered.

Along the way I spotted this house and asked if he minded me stopping to take some photos. he said no, though I doubt anyone receiving a free ride would have said that they did mind, but it was still polite to ask..

The house looked like it was a gem back in the day. local stone, spacious floor plan and a wide front porch. I imagine a grandmotherly character living inside of it at one point! The floor was rotting through in some spots, but I managed to get around without hurting myself or causing any further damage to the already crumbling house. What caught my attention the most were these wonderful layers of decorative wallpaper! you can see each of them peeling away and revealing another layer beneath it. Each one was unique in both design and color palette..

when I came back out I saw Tom waiting in front of my car and under the shade.. we spoke a little more about rural houses and before I knew it I was in the tiny town of Nicodemus, KS... This was were Tom and I separated. He continued on to the next town and I had my adventure in Nicodemus! and later with a couple more houses, though not nearly as cool or accessible as the first one..
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