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Today was so frustrating!! Lots of little annoying things seemed to accumulated over the past couple of days and slowly my patience and typically positive nature wore away to reveal a side of myself that hasn't been around in a loooong time!

After a long week of driving we finally made it to the jobsite in Idaho Falls, ID and it is possibly the most beautiful windfarm I have seen in person so far. Rolling green hills with a stunning view of the town below and of the Rocky mountains far in the distance. The towers are not lined up in tight rows like other farms. Instead they are spaced out and placed in a fashion that works with the landscape. You don't feel like you are driving through an army of windturbines.
basically it is less intimidating than other farms. But that is where the goodness stops...

We arrive Thursday afternoon and wait several hours for them to tell us that due to the high winds we are not going to be unloading. The wind wasn't all that bad in my opinion, and we don't need the cranes to unload because of the trailer that we have. However we understand that this is a HIGH PROFILE job owned by BP and that due to the current issues that they have elsewhere they are wanting no chances taken here or at any other project they have. In fact they even decided that they were not going to load the next day just to be on the safe side, but that we are to return Saturday morning at 6:30 AM.. We don't really want to wait the extra couple days, but we comply without protest and head back to town.

Saturday morning at 6:30 we are at the site and ready.. But wait, there is no one else here. NONE of the site workers are here, in fact they don't even show up until after 8 am. They purposely tell us to be there an hour and half before they arrive.. WHY?? I have no idea! but it is just the beginning of my crap day..

Several hours go by before anyone even comes to see us at the gravel turnabout they have us waiting at.. Mind you there are NO FACILITIES for us to use. I have to drive a few miles just to use a restroom and the whole time I am away I am stressing that they will decide to move the trucks.

When they finally they agree to show us where we will be unloading before bringing out truck up the last hill. The padsite is a disaster!!! Its is full of mud from all the rain AND its located on the side of the hill.
. If we even tried to back into the site to unload the tower base will simply roll down the hill and possibly hurt someone below... Obviously not a good idea. We say something to the managers and they throw a fit. we ask them to make the site safe for us. which they begrudgingly do and then make us wait several more hours before even letting us know that they had no intention of unloading us. We left the site at 7:00 PM!!!!!

Before we even make is back to town we get a phone call that we are to be back at the site Sunday morning at 5 AM!!!!! ARGH!

Meanwhile my phone acts ups and no one at verizon can or will do anything except apologize for being useless. I have no access to my MAC because I left the charger in a hotel 150 miles away and the local best buy doesn't have any in stock. My mother's father is in the hospital and not doing so well and the Thai food in this town sucked!

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Simone all dressed up! :P
Simone all dressed up! :P
Idaho Falls
photo by: SweetLeilani