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We left Garyland, WA late in the morning. It rained ALL night and from the looks of it the rain was NOT gonna stop anytime soon.. Which was a bummer.. I had wanted to drive up to the top of the mountain again to the jobsite and take another photo of the ocean view with blue skies instead of grey... :(

I had to escort my father part of the way. Even unloaded his trailer is too long to drive without permits and road restrictions! But once he got to the interstate I took off and headed back to Oregon for my Oregon Adventure!!

Time is a bit limited and the weather was not so great, but I did pull over to see the Multnomah falls. The falls are located right off Interstate 84, I think the exit number was 33. The view of the Multnomah falls were awesome even with the rain and fog.
. There is a hiking trail going up the mountain and over for about 7 miles... I was not going to make the entire hike but I enjoyed a good chunk of it. I couldn't believe how green and mossy the forrest was. I swear there was every possible shade of green visible within that small patch of Earth. It looked so soft and inviting. The trail was steep at certain stretches... LOL a great reminder to how out of shape I have been! And the rain was continuous! I wish the views further up were more clear...

I spent about an hour walking the trail and enjoying the Falls, afterward I hopped back in my car and continued heading East! The Eastern sky looked lighter and I was hoping that maybe it was clear and sunny. There was a house that I desperately wanted explore with my camera near Pendleton, OR.

When I got to there I was fortunate that the sky had lighten up a bit and there was no rain.. The sky wasn't all that great for pictures, but it wasn't all that bad. At least there was enough daylight outside for the house interior to be photographed without issue..

The house was clearly a beautiful and proud home at one point. It was a two story house built into the side of a slight hill with a enclosed wrap around porch. Inside was cluttered with debris, some single shoes and the remains of a battered mattress. The walls still had remnants of various wallpapers and a few bits of graffiti possibly from local kids. I didn't go up stairs... Besides me still being to nervous that the floors are unstable the stairs were obviously not usable!!!!

I had parked across the street at a travel center and walked over so that my presence there wouldn't have been as obvious.. When I walked back to my car I thought about how sad that a house like this was left behind to crumble.. Its location was not so appealing, but this house was something special.. It was the kind of house that you would expect to visit grandma at..
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