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There is something so special about this American state we call Wyoming. I can instantly feel my soul and body react amorously to the vibrant energy of its expressive sky, and the soft hues of sage blanketing its primordial ocean valleys as we cross the stateline. The beauty of this landscape makes my lips tingle with utter excitement! Every time I am here all I want to do is find myself an isolated area, let my hair loose, strip down and dance across the open terrain. I want to feel the earth, the constant wind and saturated sunlight against my bare skin. I can feel that part of me, that crucial part of me, that rests deep within my soul; and keeps me from being a tamed and typical woman awaken with a ravenous desire for undiluted freedom.

I took most of the photos while driving and sadly through my dirty and cracked windshield.
you can see the pits in my windshield from rocks and debris being flung at me all the time.. this windshield is 2 months old!
. obviously they are not the best pictures, but hopefully they will give you an inkling to how spectacular this region is.. even when you are surrounded by nothing but small shrubbery you still feel that you are some place special!

This particular stretch of highway was different than any other major highway I have traveled before.. I have driven through cattle ranches via public dirt roads or narrow paved roads, but never on a highway. From the moment we turned onto HWY 28 we were greeted with signs warning us of slow moving traffic and depicting an image of a cattle and we are told to be careful of antelope running 55mph. It wasn't to long before we see groups of gorgeous cinnamon colored cattle hanging rather close to the highway as we pass by.. I was expecting them to run away, but no. They just stood there munching on the little bit of edible grass they can find and looking up with mild curiosity and perhaps a touch of boredom.

I saw a few people with campers parked on rough looking dirt roads stemming off the main highway and leading to spots with views of a small river or of the valleys that were probably created back when this entire region was an ancient sea!
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you can see the pits in my windshi…
you can see the pits in my windsh…
Free range cattle!!! notice the la…
Free range cattle!!! notice the l…
more fenceless cattle
more fenceless cattle
someone passing dad..
someone passing dad..
cokeville, Wy!
cokeville, Wy!