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Dad is up early this morning.. He has been on the phone talking to the people in the office about past events and trying to work on possible solutions.. We, along with many other drivers, have bought special trailers that can be used ONLY to carry the Windtower bases. This work suspension could cause many to loose everything, us included.. you can't pay for a trailer if you don't have the work for it. Plus if all the experienced drivers leave then company will be forced to replace everyone with inexperienced drivers who are more likely to have a serious accident.. The good news is that we may have some work coming out of GA in a couple of weeks for dad's other trailer.. More on that later! Keep you fingers crossed cause I have a ticket to Iceland to purchase!!!

The sun is about to come up and its gonna be a beautiful day! Definitely much better than the day before! I took a long walk along the beach this morning.
I wasn't alone. There were a few of us enjoying the clear skies and expressive movements of the ocean. Waves were angrily tossing and turning in several directions at once, foam was dancing across the wet sand and large chunks of drift wood could be seen violently washing ashore. I found my second Sand dollar ever! And this time I will not break it!! :P:P

Our hotel is located maybe a block and 1/2 away from the ocean. The hotel itself was really cool. It was a group of individual and unique "houses" with some interesting history. The hotel houses reminds me of staying at the beaches houses down at the Jersey shore when I was younger. The couple who run it are extremely nice and hardworking. They recently bought the place about ten months ago and have been working hard to fix the place up.
They also have on of the coolest cats ever, Rocky, who knows he is important and a sweet puppy named Bailey..

Later in the day I was able to ride with my father to the top of the mountain where the jobsite is located.. I wasn't allowed up earlier in the day because the mountain was soo steep. My father was worried that if something went wrong I could get hurt. DADS! They always worry! :P:P The view was amazing!! even though by this time the sunny skies were replaced with grey skies.. I couldn't believe how dense the forest was on either side of the road. Looking into the crevices I would swear that it was pitch black no matter the time of the day!

And the best part was that near the top of the mountain is an Intergalatic airport… LOL I swear to you!!! it is nothing more than a wide stretch of flat grassy space for intergalatic landings!!!

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Intergalactic Airport
Intergalactic Airport
photo by: esterrene