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Its my last weekend in Baton Rouge before I leave for work again. The roommate and I decided to go downtown and see the Art Melt exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum! I loved it!! I wish I could have taken photos of the work on display! very impressive, very professional and visually stimulating! there were maybe only three pieces out of the entire exhibit that I can say that I actually did not like! Visitors were asked to vote for their favorite piece and with all the talent on display it was a difficult task! 

It was a crowded event, which made the gallery space hot despite the working air conditioner. I stupidly wore heels that I have only wore once before. The blisters on the back of my heels will be unforgettable! But it was all worth it! Fellow visitors were elegantly dressed, some were even dressed in colorful dreamlike "costumes".


Outside we enjoyed the music of the Michael Foster Project and tents with art and beautiful objects for sale by local artisans.  It was a lively event even late in the evening. Apparently it will be an annual event, I think this was the second year that baton Rouge hosted the Art Melt.. Hopefully they will present it again next year :)


After we had our fill of art and music, Charity and I "walked" to a favorite hang out the Red Star. I say "walked" but for me it was more like hobble.. My feet were KILLING me by this point with those damn shoes!! Finally I smarten up a bit and just took them off... of course walking barefoot through the city can be a less than smart decision and it eventually didn't matter if I had shoes or not, my feet were crying out in pain by the time I got home.

Outside the red star and looking very happy!
.. I still can't look at those shoes without wincing... 

But enough about my aching feet! Red Star was fantastically fun! the Drum cart rolled from the Art Melt to the Bar along with the dancing topless mermaid and they put on an amazingly energetic show!! The drum cart was a bunch of drums tied together on a cart and played by a couple of talented and costumed musicians while Caroline (I think that was what she said her name was) danced on top as a topless mermaid.. The whole night was joyful. More music, plenty of (barefoot) dancing, good spirits, new bar friends and of course lots of smiles! It was such a shame the night had to end.. 




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Outside the red star and looking v…
Outside the red star and looking …
The drum Cart playing at the Red …
The Michael Foster Project was on…
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