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Went on another drive today in search of more houses..

Found a few, but only one could be approach. The unentered houses were located at the edge of a small nameless town in the midst of cattle. It was very tempting to crawl under the weak barbwire fencing and walk inside the buildings. But i didn't want to spook and stress the cattle, esp when I was so close to populated area. Instead I cow watched for 20 minutes and then continued down the road until I found a house that I could explore.

It was a small building with a few rooms nestled between some large trees and tall grass. Walking around the yard reminded me again why I need to wear better shoes during these excursions! At one point I thought I smelled a skunk! I stood still for a few moments and kept my eyes open for anything furry and moving, but I couldn't anything.

From there I treaded carefully closer to the house for a sneak peak inside.  There wasn't much inside. A lot of dirt and ceiling debris on the floor. Some plastic chairs and what looked like the remains of a kitchen sink.. 

I drove some more afterwards, but didn't find anything else to photograph. I know of a few houses about 60 miles away but there wasn't enough daylight left for me to find and properly photograph them.. Something to save for the next time I visit Colorado ;P


as for work it looks like we may be going back to Menominee, MI for a Wind Tower Base. i was kinda hoping to go to Texas and spend the weekend in Amarillo. There is a canyon nearby that I have been wanting to Hike and several Stucco houses about an hour East of Amarillo that I have been aching to photograph!  Oh well Next time :P   

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Fort Morgan
photo by: esterrene