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After a couple months off from the Wind Energy my father and I find ourselves once again in Texas.. We will be picking up and delivering four Windtower Bases from Coleman, TX over the next few weeks, and heading south to a small town outside of Laredo. I have never been to this part of Texas before and I am feeling eager to explore the area.

Unfortunately there really isn't too much to explore around Laredo. Most of the surrounding land is fenced off for cattle and, because of the problems that tend to exist along the border, I feel pressured by my worried father to curb my exploring habit a bit.... I hate to let someone's concerns affect my decisions and adventures, but I also don't want to cause my father any unnecessary stress regarding my personal safety. Its a tough balance to hold sometimes.. if I didn't have to work with him I would probably have done what I wanted and never speak a word of it to him. We both have very different ideas on what is good/bad, safe/unsafe etc etc...

Gosh, I am sooo close to Mexico... I did plan to cross the border and maybe drive around a bit, but sadly, due to fatherly concerns mentioned above, I didn't go.. I reasoned with myself, in order to make myself feel better, that I have a hectic work schedule this week.. Plus, and this is true, I didn't want to only see a border town. what I really wanted to do was to get a few hours into the country so that I could feel that I really visited Mexico...

I did spent the day walking around downtown Laredo, it was okay.. I had the chance to visit the local art museum in the historic downtown, which I found a bit disappointing. Besides that I didn't really find much to do or see in the small city. Plenty of shops existed, but the arrangement of the shops kinda reminded me of a Flea Market back home... Outside they hung bold colorful signs in front of the the shop advertising the goods inside.. Each shop tended to focus on one theme like perfume or handbags.

At least I waved to Mexico! :P
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photo by: Nair2011