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I was here from Oct. 28, 2008 to .....Well, Im still here right now! XD I am loving it here! It is very Beautiful. I went to London about a month ago and there was a lot of construction going on there, I didn't really like that.And when I say "a lot" Well, I mean A LOT! But I went to China Town there in London it it was cool. I bought a bag from one of the stores there, and the guy who was helping me was nice. I also went to Bath with a few friends that are here, too. It toke us for ever to find a place to stay at cuz all the hostels and bread and breakfast places we went to were booked or way to much for us. lol But we stayed at this one place.... I forget the name but it was pretty cozy! In the morning when we were leaving, my friend Sam went to go kick my bag and she slipped on the ice covered cement! It was funny as hell!!! A girl walking by laughed. We also went to the Roman Baths museum that was AWESOME! The history about the Baths are great!! I would have to say a must see place if you go. And we went threw a church that was COVERED head to toe with memorial plaques on the wall, roof, ground. That was cool.  Then after that we went to the Stonehenge. I would have to say its a cool experience to see it. But to me it didn't last very long. :-/  It was like, "OMG! Look at that! That is so cool! I want to touch it!!!" But then thats about it..... And you cant touch it. But for only like 2 days out of the year can you do that. Witch we show up the day BEFORE that day! XP LAME!    So, that might have got me uninterested in it to. But I am having a blast here. I will be going on a few more trips before I leave so I will get back to that on a later date!                                           
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