The most anticipated stop on our SE Asia journey... VANG VIENG!

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Alright so right now were in Vang Vieng, a small little town in middle of Laos surrounded by dense jungle and massive granite peaks, absolutely beautiful place but the purpose of this spot was for the tubing. Down this river that goes through the town are bars with massive rope swings, zip lines and slides throwing you into the river, every stop gives you free lao lao whiskey shots (have a dead snake in bottom for apparently taste) and extremely cheap drinks. Basically its a river party with the chance to test your courage. Unbeleivable fun, hard to explain so best bet is to just you tube vang vieng and you'lll get an idea. The actual town is by no means a traditional laos village, its very westernized, every restaurant plays family guy/friends and has burgers, pizza and other western food. Its pretty cool though how its really so small that you start to recognize everyone from a run in on the tubes or at one of the many bars at night. We've sort of formed such a big group of friends (at one point 15 id say) who some of us have been together close to week it feels like a family or ive known these people for years, kinda cool, going to be tough to split up but sure run into everyone down the way. Not much to do during the day, tommorow going to go rock climbing or rent some bikes and hit some trails into the jungle, there are a ton of caves and waterfalls to explore so very excited for that. One problem with this place is the huge amount of injuries (we were told even deaths aswell) that occur everyday, mostly cut foot or sprained ankle (lots of people have limps here) . Since the river is full of extremely sharp rocks and since its dry season some sections are maybe a few feet deep. When people are zip lining from 30 feet in the air in to the river you need to make sure you hit the deep spot. So of course the more you drink there are always people who get cut up or break things.What luck.. I was one of those very injuries haha. I was just walking down from one of the bars, slipped on a sort of rock step and stepped on a rock (basically a knife) At time didnt think nothing of it, kept going down river, then at following bar actually took a look and noticed an inch wide gash right by my ankle going straight to the bone. I know a couple photos were taken so hopefully i can track one down on facebook. 100% needed stichs but not a chance, 3km from town, just not an option. So the laos bartended poured some whiskey on it, gauze and wrapped in plastic bag lol. Went to hospital that night which was a joke, poor english and trying to stich up a cut that been in a dirty river for 8 hours (gaurantee infection) so decided no thanks, grabbed some antibiotics and just been babying it. Feels a lot better now so not too worried. Really wish i could show a pic though at the time, it was like a hole in my foot. Anyways Laos is amazing, nothing at all like Thailand, entirely jungle and all mountainous. Only few cities and in between are tiny little bamboo shack villages. Soo poor, most no electricity, but everyone smilling. Nice to know people out there can live just off the land still  and not need all the stuff we have back home (except some shacks did have massive satellite dishes lol). Every house has there own pig, dogs of course, and chickens are just everywhere. Alright thats all I can think of now, talk soon

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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome