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After talking with a bunch of travel agents trying to rip us off (one tried to sell us a trek up Fansipan, Vietnams highest mountain, but we found out after Fansipan was closed because of fires in the area) we signed up for a decent 2 night trek in Sapa, Vietnam.  Although Sapa was very foggy, the views were absolutely incredible.  The levels of rice paddies carved into the mountainside made the scenery pretty breathtaking. 

We hiked through many villages with Lam (our local Hmong villager/tour guide) and a group of about 10 other villagers including cute girls that constantly made us mini horses and whatnot out of plant stems and asked us about our lives back home.  after we got to their village and after a lot of trying to win our hearts over, all of the villagers (other than our tour guide) stopped and tried to sell us their homemade goods (bracelets, bags etc)... a constant onslaught, wave after wave of "maybe you buy from me? maybe i sell vehwy cheap?" this was almost unbearable, a pretty big guilt trip, but we bought a few bracelets to help the kids through school.  The village families must have at least one son to help with the rice farming, this means they keep having girls until they finally have a son or they have to buy a boy from another family for a whopping 2 million vietnamese dong (about $120). 

We met Lam's family and she made us all of our meals (massive, tasty meals).  At dinner the first night the local guys made us drink like 10 shots of rice whiskey (very cheap, home-made whiskey) so we a had a pretty good time and learned a few Vietnamese drinking cheers. It got close to freezing at night but stuck around 15-20C during the day.  Posted a bunch of pics on fbook


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photo by: Paulovic