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Hello from Cameron Highlands Malayasia.

We had an unbelievable day today. yesterday  we climbed a peak about 1900 m deep into the jungle took us about 4.5 hours and absolutely poured last 20 mins of hike, was good. today we went on a tour with this indian malaysian named Francis (our guide). he is a certified eco guide and sooo knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the area. we sort of hit it off and he told me so many things about the jungle. today we saw a tea plantation (was amazing, covered like 3 valleys), learned how to shoot a blow dart, and did some hikes. first hike was outside the highlands at about 800m, serious rainforest, full of tarantualas, cobras, cats, monkeys, boar, deer, and tigers! (tigers only use this area as a gateway to get to lower rainforest) although he did say 2 months ago there was a tiger sighting. Anyways we were here in this forest to search for the ralfaldisia (spelling not right, cant be bothered). its the biggest flower in the world, big red one that blossoms certain time of year (now) and stays like that for maybe 5-7 days then dies. Well we were close but never found a fully blossomed one, saw some buds a couple days away from blossoming and a few massive dead ones (still fully intact just dark red instead of really bright). the one that he had found early in the week to show us which should be blossomed became infected by fungus unfortunately so was near death and didnt open. oh well still cool, really just luck. there i saw chameleon, massive centipede and millipede, 2 gibbons (big monkey with long arms, could hear them a mile away), snails, big ant lines, and birds of course. so a good time. at end of day we drove to top of biggest mountain 2100m and went to watch tower and went into the mossy forest. absolutely unbelievable. only grows in 4 places in world, new zealand, nepal, malaysia, and cant remember the last, maybe india? Anyways everything is covered in moss, like everything, ground and trees. Only grow above 1900m and not too much higher than that. very rare and home to over 7000 different species of plants. right now is going under massive biological research because as of 94 they have been discovering all these plants with medicinal properties. Francis (aka jungle legend) was really  smart and would point out every plant and tell us about it, ground it up, let us smell it and tell what was used for. saw tiger balm, something for leeches (a blood coagulant) , anti-fever, cinnamon, citrueline (not sure what he meant). many more but i forget haha. Also home to the pitcher plant (a sort of carnivorous plant, the one with the big tube which catches insects), very rare but here in malaysia. this place looked like fangorn forest from lord of the rings to the T (they filmed those scenes in a mossy forest in NZ). 2 of the best forest ive seen in one day. the rainforest in the morning was 10x better than any other jungle we've done on this trip. it was so lush and so dense, like for instance i had this little green worm on my backpack, i joking asked if i could eat it and he immediately pull it off. he said they borrow into your hair roots and lay eggs and your arm itchs for weeks. Next is the people of malaysia, they are very very well educated and all speck english and very friendly. Another very good part for travellers expicially is that its the same prices as thailand (very cheap). not sure how it works because this isnt a 3rd world country at all and yet its super cheap (far more better developed than Thai/Laos/Viet). Lastly is the food, it is incredible, best on trip. basically malaysia is half chinese half indian (on penninsular malaysia at least, not in borneo). of course there all mixed with ancient malaysian but the food is basically either chinese or indian mixed with hint of malaysian spice. seriosuly impressive ive been eating tandoori chicken sets like its going out of style. basically cooked chicked thigh, big naan bread, small rice, curry, dhall (lentil mashed up with vegies, very spicy, favorite), some raw veg, and a mint sauce. You basically use fingers, rip off some chicken, rip off some bread, through in a cucumber roll it up and dunk it in one of the sauces/curries. huge meal all on one big plate and costs 7 ringette (3.2 ringette for US dollar). so 2 dollars basically, unbelievable, and sooo good. I really love this place and need to come back and do it all, too bad im discovering this now. If i were you guys and wanted to see asia i would make malaysia your priority. besides jungle treks, mountains it also has many islands and amazing reef, on the island provinces (sabah and surawak) they have that famous volcano you can climb and one of worlds best dive sites and jungle (Borneo was renamed sabah).

Anyways thats my thoughts on malaysia, love the place and recommend the place. Spelling/grammer is crap but am rushed so bare with me.

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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2