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birds huge ones while hiking the trail. they were chilling there.
This trip occurred back in December and i want to record this saying i've been here and for memory. a 2 day trip. couldn't get the friday off from work, as usual! :( i've never been here before but my friend has so he'd pretty much showed me around.

7:30am i got up. rise and shine! turned on the TV and Lenka was on TV playing at her concert for DirecTV. Her songs makes me happy and perky. i know the words to the songs and began singing along. :-D
8amish: friend is here and ok i'm ready. i told you i'm reliable! now let's roll! the drive was about.....4 hours? i have probably remembered that wrong but the time seem to have flew by fast that day. of course we had to stop along the way for bathroom or snack breaks.

My friend and I arrived to a very pleasant day of a pleasant weather in Montana de Oro State Park.
the beautiful coastal view...very lovely.
temperature not too cold and not too hot. the first activity we did was of course the hike towards the coast. ocean view....how can we resist the beauty of the ocean?? the hike overall was not too bad and the challenge level was average. at one point during the hike there were sand dunes. pretty cool and a good workout for my calves. during the hike we spotted a line of about....let's say 5 big birds or eagles...completely stiff on a horizontal wooden fence/post. for a moment there we thought it wasn't real...as if i imagined it. the closer we got to the birds/eagles they flew away so i couldn't get a close-shot of them. we scared them away and interrupted their relax time. they flew away and one bird in particular was hanging about above the sky...perhaps hunting for food.

the hike had plenty of open fields to enjoy the scenery. there were lands of green open spaces and rolling hills. hills with very pretty trees where you can picture yourself sitting under those trees to read or take a nap. rolling hills where you can picture yourself rolling down the hill. also not too far from it is a spot right off the beach where they have picnic tables for picnics. we hung out and fed birds for awhile after our hike. watching families enjoy the water and a strange kid who seems to be in his own little world was chasing after birds. it was difficult not to notice that strange kid. also by the beach was this huge rock where if you choose to, you can climb up there. that particular day the rock was quite wet and the way to get up to the top was tricky so i didn't take the challenge to get up there.

nighttime rolled around we didn't plan for this trip, it was a last minute thing therefore we didn't book a place to stay. we randomly drove around to find a place to stay, luckily we did for a very affordable price of about $45 per night. definitely doable. then we went to find food. V needs food. V was getting grumpy. i wanted fish & chips and we found a restaurant serving fish & chips. oh dear finally i get to eat!! my friend ordered a burger. we had a drink or two and i think we were becoming loud patrons in the restaurant. stupid LA folks we joked about ourselves. at that point, i knew we were the loudest ones in the room so it was time to leave before we disturb the elders. hahaha. that towns majority are retirees and of elders.

downtown is so quiet and not even remotely crowded which is what i liked about it. i prefer no crowd over crowds. thankfully my friend has the same preference when it comes to that. the town had a few shops one of which sold completely ridiculous outfits. haha. i should've taken a picture of it! after the brief walk we called it a night and headed to the hotel.

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birds huge ones while hiking the t…
birds huge ones while hiking the …
the beautiful coastal view...very …
the beautiful coastal view...very…
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