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Always wanted to visit Hawaii. Keith's meetup was a good excuse to finally go there. I planned a 10 day trip, even though meetup was only four days. Arrived on Friday LATE!! as usual. There was a problem with the air conditioning in the plane in Miami, that took a good hour to fix. WHO CARES ABOUT THE AC?? ITS A 2 HR FLIGHT !!!.
So I didn't make my connecting flight in Charlotte, was rerouted through Vegas. Arrived after 10 and checked into the hostel. Most of the people at the hostel were actually living there. I guess its cheaper then renting a place. The location was great, really close to the beach and shops.
Got a call from Keith around 11 with updates on the meetup.
In the morning the TB gang grouped in Waikiki to go over the plan.
Keith and Christian were our tour guides. We visited Kualola Beach, driving around and taking in the scenery. We stopped to eat shrimps and then headed to the North shore. The waves were unbelievably huge as Rosy and I found out first hand :D
In the evening we went to Dave & Buster's for dinner. We were joined by more TBs here. Had dinner then headed to the upper level for games. We ended the night with Irish car bombs at Ryan's Grill.

The next day I rented a scooter, not realizing how far Hanauma Bay was :). Missed snorkeling and other activities that day. The day wasn't a complete waste. I spent the day riding around Waikiki. Was a bit intimidating at first with the traffic and being limited to 40mph. After a realizing that i didn't have to be anywhere fast. I took my time and enjoyed the slow pace.
Stopped at a few look out points to take pics. Sitting and enjoying the awesome views with nothing to worry about. I envy people who live here. 

Later, Christian invited me to go hiking with some of this friends. Its called "hashing" and is done worldwide. (beer and hiking)
We got to the park and joined the group. They were a fun bunch, picked on the new people and made up all these crazy rules. One of which was, if you have new shoes on you will have to drink beer out of them. Christian warned me earlier, so i messed up my shoes a bit.
They were pretty organized and set two trails. The easy trail ended somewhere in suburbia. So i hiked back and took the hard trail. Its kool that you can hike in such dense forests and not have to worry about snakes or other wild animals. I don't know of any other place where you can do that. Only in Hawaii :)
Anyway so made friends with some of the new people and completed the hike with them. Got back to the starting point where we had beer and got picked on some more :D

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got laid !!
got laid !!
82 km (51 miles) traveled
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