Zion! angels landing in snow.

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since we didnt make it to our road trip as intended we decided to drive to zion since it was only 3 hours away.. the drive was usual except there was a road detour.. some guy told us to go one way.. and the way looke really familar.  grzechu says we are going the wrong way but i could swear that ive driven down this road several times (and i have) on the way to grandcanyon! hahah so i finally listened to klumpel and turned around.. we finally got to zion and decided to hike up angels landing.. i was snow covered but we were wearing thick jackets which is not good for hiking cause i was sweating like it was 90 degrees outside! i was being a little bit of a baby on this hike cause i really didnt want to hike in snow so i kept saying to klumpel that we made it to the end when really we havent even gone half way yet.
hahah it was fun acting like a baby cuase i had nothing else to do. hahah but one point we were climbing up switch backs and grzechu told me there was a patch of ice and i should be careful.. still acting like a big baby i said "NO!" and at that exact moment i slipped and fell down. LOL!! i could not stop laughing and neither could klumpel.. we laughed for what seemed like 5 mins non stop.. and our laughs echoed at the canyon... i guess i deserved it.. but it was really funny.. we made it up i had to change shirts cause my jumper was soaked... you could actually see steam comming off me when took my shirt off.. we hiked back down and drove back home... klumpel drove cause i was tired.. it was really fun though and a great memory makes me smile even now..
jegs76 says:
yes u deserved it! ahahahah
Posted on: Feb 27, 2010
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Zion National Park
photo by: rsvpme