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Alpine Suites

We landed at 11:22pm, got our baggage, and went to Thrifty in Parking Garage 5.  We waited in line for a good 45 min. because there was something wrong with their stupid system. OMG. what a waste of time.  Anyways, FINALLY got our car - a crappy Chevy Aveo.  As we were driving to the hotel, I was all, "Hey what is that thing up there?"  It was a massive, black, silhouette of a mountain in front of us!  Ok coming from Houston that was a shock, I'm use to our boring flat land!  Anyways, got to the Alpine Hotel around 1am..  this hotel is pretty nice.  It's set at the base of a mountain and you can park you car parellel park in front of your room.  It's not just any type of typical hotel layout.  I wouldn't pay attention to the negative reviews this place got.  I mean Hi, it's not a freaking Westin, but it's nice, quaint, and comfortable.  I was expecting a hole-in-the-wall, but it's not.  It's comparable to a "private" hostel in Europe.  Anyways, it's 5:30 am - I'm obviously use to Houston time, so I'll catch some more zzzzz's.  I'll see how the complimentary breakfast is - at least I already know it's just pastries and coffee - so I don't expect anything more!


Hotel Update

Ok, the breakfast sucks.  Not even pastries, but those Austin Peanut butter crackers, coffee, and Capri-sun.  That explains why we went to Burger King for breakfast the next day (see below).  Also, we met up with my cousins from Daly City the following Monday.  They were shocked to hear we stayed there for two nights because a family was murdered there!! OMG! Haha I guess you won't find that type of info in a review.  If yall do decide to stay at Alpine, just be careful!! It was a nice hotel for a two-nite stay, but just be careful!!

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Alpine Suites
Alpine Suites