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little man Isaiah, Amy, and myself

My friend Amy is a die-hard Cubs fan.  So, I was a little surprised with she invited me to a Cardinals game.  Turns out, her 6-year-old is growing up to root on the redbirds (her brother might have had something to do with that).  Isaiah is even a member of the Cardinals kids clubs, and they were having a special jersey promotion this weekend, spurring our trip.

It's hit or miss as to whether Isaiah likes me at the moment, but thankfully he liked me today.  But, that didn't stop him from being loud and bratty.  On the way over to St. Louis, he insisted that we listen to Elvis, and not the whole CD, just one song: "Tutti Fruitti".  Over and over... tutti fruitti...

To avoid the parking situation, we rode the MetroLink over, getting on at Caseyville.

the best pretzel I've EVER eaten!
  The halfhour ride over was nice; the train wasn't crowded.  When we got to the stadium, there was a line, the gates weren't open yet.  We only had to wait about five minutes, and the line moved forward at a rapid pace.  Isaiah got his souvenir jersey, and we went to our seats.  Amy had gotten the three of us bleacher seats.  We sat there, basking in the sun, with plenty of time to kill before the game.  I got rather warm while sitting there (the weather has been crazy lately; I didn't know how to dress for fear of being too hot or too cold... I'd rather be too hot...) so I went for a pretzel.  Call me OCD, but I had already checked Busch Stadium's website to see what food was offered.  I didn't really want standard stadium food like a regular old hot dog or nachos.
  At the 'Triple Play' was pretzels, and not just pretzels warmed under a heatlamp, but homemade pretzels of plain, salted, or cinnamon + sugar -- that's what I was going after.  I trekked all the way around the stadium for it, but my word, it was worth it! The absolute best pretzel I've ever eaten.  So buttery and chewy and served warm!  YUM!  When I returned, Amy and Isaiah went to the Family Zone so he could play some games.  I sat, taking in the sights. I like people-watching, and ther were a few people to watch.  And, I'll leave it at that, haha. 

Anyway, the game got underway at 6:15.  A boys' choir angellically sang "God Bless America" and a father-son duo belted out the National Anthem.  I don't follow baseball, at all, but I had a lot of fun at this game.

  Isaiah, the loudmouth, got into it, and riled a few people around us, too.  (It didn't help that Amy was wearing a Cubs shirt at a Cardinals-Giants game).  I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere; it even made me wish I was an avid baseball fan.  I could do that.

It finally turned somewhat chilly, and I was a little hungry, so when the Giants were back up to bat, I went off to get a Food Network gourmet hot dog.  I waited for ten minutes, before I finally gave up (they had to cook another batch, and I was the sixth person back), so I went back to the 'Triple Play' for a cinnamon-sugar pretzel this time, but they had run out.  So I went hungry.  By the time I got back to my seat, two innings had zoomed by, and I was just in time to see the Cardinals win in the top of the ninth.  Score: 7-1.

The three of us left our seats, and while walking in the stadium, the delayed fireworks (they were supposed to have them last night, but got rained out), were set off.  We hightailed it for the MetroLink, hoping we could beat the crowd that stayed for the fireworks -- we did.  A not-crowded train back across the river, and Isaiah was asleep ten minutes into the carride, making for a more pleasant ride home.

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little man Isaiah, Amy, and myself
little man Isaiah, Amy, and myself
the best pretzel Ive EVER eaten!
the best pretzel I've EVER eaten!
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celebrate the win!
celebrate the win!