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People i met in Skopje:
Martina & Sabrina (Germany) Ben (Belgium) , Henry (USA) , Stine (Norway). 

On the train to Skopje i met two young German girls which i chatted with for a few hours before i went to bed in my sleeper cabin. My bed (2.nd Tier) wasnt straight and i almost fell out of the bed a couple of times. I slept quite well and when i woke up in Skopje (after a passport controll) i jumped in a taxi with the german girls and found a hostel for 10euro a night. I was just staying one night. I headed straight out to explore Skopje and the first thing i found was the "Mother Theresa Museum". Its located in this very apealing building in the main pedestrian  zone with a chapel on the 3rd floor.

The admission is free and you can request to get a free tour as well. 

After seeing the museum i headed to the Fortress and walked around it for a few hours and enjoying the panoramic views of the city. After walking around in the fortress for a few hours i headed to the "Macedonian History Museum" just to find out that it was closed. Then i headed to this Albanian resturant and ate a BIG meal for 350dinars (5euro) including both a coke and a bottle of water. Good food for good value! I then walked through the Bazar. I was looking for a screen protector for my Nokia N97mini, but only found one for the regular N97. I then headed back to the hostel and started drinking with quite a few people.

WHen the clock turned 21:00 i realized that we where out of beer and i ran to the store to buy some beers and if i had arrived 30seconds later i would have been denied since the shopowner was just placing the metal covers on the fridges containing the beers.

The wife of the shopowner saw me running and said "Pivo Pivo" because nobody comes running like that at exactly closing time to buy anything else than Alcohol.. I came back to the hostel with a big grin on my face and everyone at the hostel just started to laugh.. 
Day two: The next day me and Henry headed out to Makta River after Henry struggling forever to get some money from Western Union. We stopped for quite a few beers on the way there, but when we finally got to Makta Hydroelectric dam we where very impressed. It certainly has some resemblance to the Fjord in Norway just the the moutains arent quite that high and its quite a lot of more narrow. We took a boat trip which included a short stop in a cave which where really scenic (see picture) and on the way back the boatdriver dropped us off around 5km from the point of origin so we could hike the way back.
The hike was really good and we walked on VERY narrow pathways with a width of just 50cm with a 15meter drop down to the water! VERY GOOD experience , HIGHLY recomended!

Well back at the hostel after stopping for quite a few beers on the way back i went to the local store and picked up a big bottle of brandy and started to drink. I hung out with Ben , Stine and Henry and when i finally headed for the bus i was VERY intoxicated...

I got on the bus to Sofia..

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photo by: Fulla