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Arrived Manila really early in the morning and checked into Friendly's. Lazing around in the common area and surfing the web which i had not been doing since the first day in Bagiou. Eating , resting and attending the TB meetup. People had saved a seat for me next to Ted and Phil which was really great since i hadent seen Phil since Vilnius 2006. After a while my two russian friends showed up and joined us, but left around 1AM. WHen the rest of the people left we jumped into a taxi home.
Well there Julia decided to go to sleep because she probably wouldnt be able to keep us away from being drunk anyway and the night continued. We caught up with eachother , met a german guy with the most ugly prostitute sitting next to him , but i highly doubt that he knew she was a prostitute. After trying to speech german for a while someone whispered in my ear that it was "gambling time" which reminded me of Vilnius 2006 in just so many ways.

The trip then went to Hyatt Casino which at first seemed ok , but with a rather limited selection of games. Blackjack became the obvious choice and we sat down and started to lose money. After 30mins we started to sober up (or at least i did) and someone told us that we could get free food and drinks if we signed up for a "membership-card" of some sort , something which we did. After getting the card we wanted our free food and drink and ordered beer and whiskey... This turned out to be the turningpoint of the night.

We started winning and got more and more annoyed with not getting our drinks. WA middle-eastern guy came with his girlfriend, played like an idiot and lost everything he had in three hands , while we just refused to play and occupied the table because we felt like they wouldnt give us free drinks. We played some more , and got even more angry at the free drinks we where supposed to get and decided to leave in spite. We now had around P400 in earnings each (total P800) and mumbled something about this was the worst casino every to every guy we passed on the way out.

The night ended with a beer at the hotel, where we saw a Danish guy trying to hit on this American girl, while she disagreed with him so much that she raised her voice and after a while just continuing the discussion with me :P She was complaining that people in sports shouldnt earn more than a low paying job because they are doing what they want and its just a game.

I asked her if she sometimes went to the movies or had been to a game before. She replied yes, and i teased her with the fact that they provide a service which is called entertainment which she had paid for. I knew that she probably hated me by that time because i was winning the argument and claimed that I was providing entertainment as well and the price was another beer. She just left to bed 2minutes later.. :D

The next day:

Woke up around Noon , checked out. Ate dinner with Julia and Phil.. Phil was there, but probably not mentally. Met Boris which had some weird obsession with bread and currency. Julia and me just made fun of him without him even knowing it and just left him at the hostel when he was preparing to get ready..

I went solo , got bus tickets to Legaspi and tried to buy a camera through Sarj's contact. I went to Ortigas MRT station , found St. Francis Square without even finding the stall/shop i was looking for. I dont think locals TB understand how much attention we "west'ernes" are getting because when i was harassed several times buy people "Sir.. Movie" or "Sir.. and pointing toward their stall".. I left there without finding a camera and decided to try "SM Megamall" which was next to it. SM Megamall in Ortigas is a crappy place without even a single store selling the camera i wanted (Panasonic TZ7 / ZS1). I was quite angry after not finding what i wanted and when people continued with "Sir..." i just replied "No , I dont want anything" in a very rude way after everyone trying to get me over to their stall for a few hours.

I took the MRT back to Taft and transferred to the LRT which took me to Pedro Gil. The LRT/MRT are a joke during rush hours which thosands of people crowding the terminal and it takes like 30mins from you enter the terminal until youre actually on the train. I went to pick up my bag at friendly's and manged to make my way to the Bus stop just in time because of the horrible traffic. I rented a tricycle to take me there and he tried to charge me P200 for a short ride from Pedro gil LRT to friendly and the bus terminal something which took him 20minutes. I was already in a grumpy mood and said that I could give him 50 , or just leave without paying.
Eric says:
Haha -- Phil and blackjack...I remember that well.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2010
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