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Its time to leave USA. Ive spent the last two weeks in a car together with Jenny and stopping at Random places along the way. Here are a little summary of what we did:

Driving the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway and picking up a hitchhiker
Hitting up Shenandoah NP and Smokey Mountains NP
Seing Ruby Falls (INCREDIBLE!) and Diamond Cave in Tennesse
Jenny Being Pulled over by the Police while i was sitting drunk in the passenger seat in Nashville
Experiencing Country Music in Nashville and ending up with a wool Cowboy hat
Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburgh
Experiencing 4th of July in St. Louis with Air Shows , Concerts and pyrotechnics.
Visiting the Aneheuser Busch Brewery in St Louis
Two hectic days in Spotless Chicago with Millenium Park and Willis Tower (Favorite attractions in Chicago)
Getting lost trying to find the old Route 66 near Litchville and ending up at Taylor Springs
Visting Taylor Springs,Illinois ending up at a bar together with a bunch of fun lovin' locals
Visiting the National Corvette Museum
Visiting the Ford Factory "Rouge" in Dearnborn outside of Chicago and seeing the Ford F-150 Production line.
Seeing the Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side
Being Pulled over at the Canada --> USA border because Jenny was missing some papers.

That is a lot of things to cover in 2weeks! We did about 3000miles in those two weeks probably driving bit more than i like, but after all it turned out great.

But.. Last, but probably the most important: Meeting and getting to know Jenny.

Well.. Right now i dont know what to say. The only thing i know for sure is that im leaving the US for this time and joining the ship "Flora" which is lying in a shipyard in Gdansk,Poland. I guess after traveling as much as ive had for the last years and not stayed in one place longer than a couple days im living a quite fast-paced life very few people are privledged to do.

Ive said to myself that im going to settle down when i find a girl and ive even bought an apartment in Norway 6months ago making myself a slave to the bank for the next 15-30years depending on how much i make in downpayments. Right now im however still in the dark.

I want to be with this girl, but it means that i have to sacrifice the lifestyle of traveling that ive gotten accustomed to. It means that i dont have the freedom to just leave for 1month on vacation everywhere in the world without taking compromises. Someone told me that solo-travelers are selfish people and i totally understand what they mean.

You can hang out with other travelers for a couple of days and when you get tired of them you just leave to the next place and repeat the same cycle and exchanging the same hollow words like "Where are you from" , "Where have you been" and so on.

So.. I have an important desision to make..........

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