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Day 7.
We went to Abu Dhabi and at first Abu Dhabi seemed like an run-down city , but after getting away from the Area around the bus station the city came to life and showed itself from a far better side.
We just walked around the city at night and took a few pictures at night before heading home to our 5star hotel. Yeah , you heard us 5 STARS! We decided to splurge out and to relax in a nice hotel before heading home , and i also helped that we got the hotel for a great price of about 20% of the asking price at the hotel.

We started the day to head out to the Heritage Village. We first went wrong and ended up at the ”Theatre” near the Flagpole. It was close so we wondered around the flagpole for a little while , before we headed to the Heritage village.
We entered the village around 10:00 and it was almost entierly empty , but at around 11:30 it was filled with tourists as it seemed like several tourist busses arrived.
We then went to the Marina Mall and to enjoy the view at the sky tower there. You have to buy something to go up, but a cup of coffe for 3dhs will suffice. The views over Abu Dhabi is very good and i would guess this would be a great to be here at sunset.
After absorbing the views we headed to Emirates Palace which goes to be the most exclusive hotel in the world. Unfortunatly the hotel was closed for ”security reasons” while we where there , and we even tried to bribe the guard at the VIP-entrance, but he wasnt to interested in taking it, but he was a very lively guy giving us loads of information about the place.

Disappointed that we didnt gain entrance to the Emirates palaced we went to Khalifa Park where we walked around and at the end headed to The white fort (Quasr Al Hosn) , but it was closed for renovations so we walked into the

After reading a blog with pictures here on Travbuddy we decided to go to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It was located just a tad away from our Hotel (Park Rotana), but we decided to call a tax since we wasnt sure about how far it would be to walk since we really didnt want a 8lane highway with a speedlimit on 120km/h. The Mosque itself is a true marvel to behold with all the precious stones and the truly spectacular main prayer hall with an incredible chandeleer. You might have notices that ive used quite a lot of superlatives for this Mosque, but it deserves every single bit i can throw at it.
It is aparently the largest mosque in the world and the cost of constructing it is supposed to be 2.2 Billion DHS, which seemed like a very low number compared to the size and the types of material used, but my companion and I speculated that the cheap labour mainly from India made it possible.

We asked for an public tour and a guide just pointed us in a direction of two groups being guided around , and we automaticly decided to follow the smallest group. After a while we became avare that this was the tour for a bus full of American tourists, and when I asked a question to the mosque-guide about a sign the tourleader said ”thank you for joining our group” , but quickly said it was OK since the group was quite small and this was to be expected. I managed to mumble ”Its your Daily commute to work that has paid for this” when someone asked the total price of the Mosque.

On our way back we decided to walk since we could see the Hotel in the Horizon. I dont know if this was a good idea since we had to cross a 8-lane highway with quite heavy traffic. We had to wait approximatly 10minutes before we dared to run across the road.
We checked out of probably the most exclusive hotel Ive been in. It was just a couple of months old and was boasting five stars. We got a great deal so the price wasnt all bad, and A LOT less than the asking price of DHS 2200 a night.

It was finally time to leave Abu Dhabi.. The plan was the take a direct bus to Muscat, but it seemed like faith wanted it othervise. The guy behind the counter at the Abu Dhabi bus terminal said there where no busses going to Muscat and we had to take the bus to Al-Ain then to change bus...

BIG MISTAKE!! (More in the next entry for Muscat)
mdeleus says:
I hope you enjoyed your stay in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Sad that I just recently joined TravBuddy, I could have joined you and show you around the city.

till then.

happy Travelling. :)
Posted on: May 20, 2010
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Abu Dhabi
photo by: JP-NED