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The Bus from Trang to Hat Yai was a loud experience. I sat all the way back in the bus next to the speakers (2x 10" , 2x5" and two horn loaded tweeters) and they played Thai Lovesongs for the entire bus ride! It really wasnt that bad since I got the time to update this Blog (Phi Phi , Krabi , Trang) while playing really loud Metal. I must say that the last Metalica album (Death Magnetic 2008) is quite impressive and a lot better than the things they have done the last couple of years.

I arrived in Hat Yai and decided to spend a little extra on accommodation since the low-end lodging looked a bit to dodgy for me.
I ended up in a hotel called "Asia Hat Yai Hotel" which gave me king sized bed , cable TV , Aircon and Ensuite bathroom for 500bath in the middle of the city. All good so far..

At around 22:00 i decided to go for a drink at a nearby pub. I looked into a pub and saw a band playing and Barcelona on several big LCD screens. This seemed like the perfect place to spend the night since it was 40meter from my Hotel and even had Heineken , Leo and Chang on tap! They even had ladies walking around refilling tour beer glass with Ice and beer everytime you took a sip , and not least the glasses where at least 1L

At around midnight the place changed. Im not sure if its for better or worse so i leave the decision in your capable hands.

The TV's where turned off , the band stopped playing and in came 20 really gorgeous girls and 5 of them went straight up to three different stages all around the pub.
After a little while we could experience full frontal nudity gently moving from side to side with the rhythm of the music. And the 15girls that where not dancing went around and asked strangers to buy them drinks.

I found out that Cathay rented out Motorbikes for 200 bath (Manual gear) and 250bath for an automatic. I like to have geared Mc's as the engines really work best at high rpm's and geared ones normally go faster as well. I went on an exploring trip and took the hwy towards Songkhla and found a Buddah up in the hills on my right side. I decided to try to go here and on the way i found a Gorgeous park and Hat Yai Ice Park (temporary exhibition) and bumper cars (yay!). More on those things later.

Driving up to the Temple on was very rewarding as it serves as a good lookout point towards the city and the best thing is that you can drive all the way up with your own wheels. If you want to get the most out of your pictures i recomend going there in the morning as youll be taking pictures against the sun in the evening. On the positive side there is a resturant where you can enjoy the sunset that is just a few kilometers from the Buddah.

On my way down i found that there where a temporary exhibition called Hat Yai Ice dome. Its a quite big building with lots of ice structures inside which the locals seemed to really enjoy as i guess most of them havent seen snow before. I enjoyed it as well, but even if they give you jackets i will recomend wearing pants as i went in there with shorts and only lasted around 45minutes inside the hall as the temperatures around a few degrees below freezing to keep the ice-sculptures from melting.

I then had a little fun with shooting airguns and throwing balls at cans. I almost managed to get down all the cans, but unfortunatly you had to get down all of them to win something. Afterwards i rode the bumpercars , and im quite sure that i got the slowest car as everyone else seemed to make more speed (and bigger crashes!) than i did. Well.. It fas fun nonteless.

Day2: Hat yai isnt really a touristic town and it isnt really that much to do in Hat Yai, so i got a tip from someone to go to Nearby Songkhla city which is located around 35km east of Hat Yai. I got up really early my last day in Hat Yai , checked out , got something to eat and left my bags at the tour booking office Cathay Tours. Then I headed to Songkhla around 8:30 and rode the 35km ride on the Highway. The motorbike i rented was 125cc and it managed to do around 110km/h which was my cruising speed, but even then the cars that overtook me did at least 150 between the two towns.
I did however catch up with them when i was squeezing myself between other cars when the qeued up for the red light :)

I went around on my bike most of the time when i was there and also took the funicular up to the viewpoint (120meter?) above the city which gave me some excelent views. Near the bottom station of the funicular there is a "Monkey Fun Park" where some monkeys are playing on a threadmill , a pool and some ropes which kept me interested for about 25minutes.

There are some quite ok beaches as well so if youre a beach person youll probably want to spend a few hours there as well. You can also find a couple of good museums (ive heard) , but i only attended one museum which i found by accident inside a walled temple.

After driving around for a few hours more just looking at the city i went back to Hat Yai and hopped on the minibus to Penang.
CFD says:
I must say that hat yai seemed like a much more business oriented town than many other towns geared towards tourists. I did however like to see more locals than foreigners in thailand :)
Posted on: Feb 23, 2013
adrianaaaron says:
so did u have fun?
Posted on: Feb 21, 2013
CFD says:
Ive heard of some unrest in the area, but I had no problems whatsoever. Everything seemed really safe to me, but i never walked around at night.
Posted on: Feb 21, 2013
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Hat Yai
photo by: machupicchu26