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Me and Steve arrived Singapore around 17:00 with train. I managed to become an international Snus smugler since i brought 14packs of General-løs snus (Taxable at 69 Singapore Dollar) into singapore without paying anything in tax! Next time I might even take in 1L more whiskey than Im allowed , so watch out customs departsments of all over the world!

Before we went to bed we met two British tourists travelling on a really thight budget. I found out that they used about a third of what i normally use and I sleep in the cheapest places and normally dont spend that much on food with the few exceptions if im meeting someone special and they want to go to a fancy resutrant. I really dont know how i spend so much more than the real hardcore budget travelers, but everyone has their own budget.

We decided to go with the British girls because they had the plan to see the "Raffles Hotel" and "Fountain of Wealth". Both of those sites where really boring and cant really be recomended unless youre going into Raffles to order a Singapore Sling. One of my regrets from Singapore was that i did not get that (probably) overpriced Singapore sling at Raffles Hotel.

Then we headed out to Sentosa where we walked around for a bit before we got separated because the girls was tired and wanted to go home while me and steve wanted to to some more exploring than just the Resort World stuff. When i looked at the internet when i got back i realized that doing a bit of research before we went could have been an advantage since we missed out on a few things.

On the way we decided to get something to eat and we decided to stop by Chinatown to get something to eat since most chinatowns normally have lots of cheap eateries. Chinatown turned out to be a quite upscale town compared to Little India and since we didnt find any really cheap places to eat we ended up at McDonals. The reasons for ending up in Mackie D are that we had a bet on how much a Big Mac Ala-Carte and Meal would be. I said SGD 6 for the Burger and SGD 10 for the meal, while steve said SGD 5 for the burger and SGD 11 for the meal so in total i was closest on the meal and steve closer on the ala-carte.
When i saw the "Mega Mac" I just had to try it since ive never seen that on the menu anywhere else , and it turned out to be the ONLY McD burger ive tried that actually counts as a proper meal and not just snack that keeps you satisfied for a few hours.

After McD I went to a camera store to look for a new camera. Im not so updated on new releases at the moment, but seems like the camera makers are coming closer and closer to my dream camera. I found a camera that i wanted to buy , but the storekeeper just said to many prices and since i didnt know how much the camera i wanted to by was worth i just left clearly offending him, but when he starts the price at 580 dollars just to give 150 dollar in "discount" and when none of the cameras has pricetags its impossible to know how good the prices are.
After checking it on the internet his prices where actually better than a shopping mall, but I dont like to support businesses without pricetags. The pricetag should be the price you pay! Its ok to ask for discounts, but normally you never get them at home.

When I was there it really started to rain and me and Steve found a bar to catch a couple of beers (or Liquid Fermented Bread as i said for the rest of our stay in Singapore since he always commented that my "beers" sounds a lot like "bears". When we left we headed to Chinatown MRT to meetup with Jacelyn (Sleepingsunshine here on TB). We went out for a small dinner and walked along the riverfront for a few hours before we caught the last MRT home. I ended up playing "the tower game" with steve while drinking beers.

The next day we slept for quite some time and decided to go to Changi Prison.
Its quite far out of the way, but its easily reached by MRT and Bus. Take the Bus to Tana Merah Interchange and jump on bus number two from there. After Changi prison we decided to go to the Tiger Brewery, but little did we know that it was on the other side of the island and it takes forever to get there. We left the Changi Prison at 2:30 , got on a bus 2:35 and got to the MRT at around 2:50. We had to be there at 3:55 so we thought we had good time, but it took almost an hour to get the Joo Kroon which is the closest station. Since we missed the Tiger Brewery we headed to "Singapore Discovery Centre", but quickly decided that we would do the SIngapore Army Museum instead. THe Museum isnt really that good and it looked like one of those promotional vidoes that tries to make you join the army. After the Museum we headed to City Hall MRT to take a few beers before we headed home.

We tried "Eski-Bar" which really is an overpriced bar with the Slogun "the only subzero bar".. Its not even SUB ZERO! I guess it has to be at least 5-6degrees inside and its really just a heavily airconditioned room. I had expected some kind of Ice-Cinema Ice-bar which they have in Norway , but there its not airconditioned..

They we ended up at a 3 large for 18 SGD place , downed those and headed home. On Ferrer Park MRT we met Myriam which where going out since it was "Ladies Night". She invited us out, but we went home to "think about it". I went on to watch my local sports team play at an internet cafe and came home around 3:00.

The next day i just lazed around the Hostel all day meeting people. I met Myriam which was in really bad shape after a good night out and she just lazed on the couch for the entire day claiming that she really needed to do some work.
Sounds just like myself after a good night out :)

The most eventful period of the period of the day was when an older American Homosexual started to talk to me. He had a monologue with me stating that (I have to list it out since it was just so much crap).

*That he had been the helper of Michael Jackson and gone on a lot of tours with him over the years. Giving him massages , getting people to him and getting him places
*That "Oma" (A religious character) knows everything and goes around hugging people
*That the world would end in a couple of years because of hot lavae is going to flood the oceans
*The world as we know it would end and this guy is going to survive
*That you shouldnt care about your parents because youve been reincarnated so many times that you have millions of parents and the only thing you should care about is this "Oma-Character"
*Hurricane Katrina and Rita was caused by Michael Jackson or some force protecting him
*The LA-earthquakes of the 90's where also caused by Michael Jackson or some force protecting him

I just sat with my computer and looked into my computer screen hoping that he would get that I really didnt want to speak to him sending Myriam a message on facebook that she had to save me from this guy.
She pretended like she had a problem with her computer we just sat behind her computer trying not to laugh to hard when we pretended to fix her computer. When he left i got back at my own computer , but after a new 10minutes he came back and Myriam said "My computer its not working again you have to fix it". We kept it up two-three times and i dont even think this guy understood that we really just wanted to get rid of him.

The worst part was yet to come. He claimed that I was a handsome guy which i thanked him for. It became VERY VERY VERY ULTRA uncomfortable when he started going on about it and even started to touch me after a while. I normally dont want to hurt people , but this time i just had to say "Stop it , get out!".. Finally he left!

This will be the last chapter in this travel blog for a long time.
Im going to work for a few months. And then I said goodbye to all the friendly people Ive met the last couple of weeks , Say goodbye to Singapore and get on the plane to Sao paulo to get to work again.. But hey , guess it could be worse than Sao Paulo right? :D
pearcetoyou says:
We'll be taking the short flight from Jakarta to here next month! Can't wait!!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2011
tvillingmarit says:
Great blog Christian.
Posted on: Apr 17, 2010
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