Sarajevo - Such a remarkable battle-scared city

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My guide in Sarajevo! Thanks Nino! I was the only one joining him that day and he told me loads of stuff and even where to eat and drink

Sarajevo - Such a remarkable battle-scared city

The bus-ride to Sarajevo turned out to be a little more eventfull than i had expected. I was drop dead tired and slept for most of the bus-ride except for being woken up for several passport-inspections. The big surprise came when i woke up and the bus was totally empty and i saw the busdriver outside hosing down the bus with water! I went out and asked where i was and the only answer i got was that we where not in Sarajevo and some small town more than 100KM from Sarajevo. I went into the bus again and slept until the driver woke me up several hours later and said that we finally where in Sarajevo.. I thank god for sleeping most of the 11hours on the bus.

Well there in Sarajevo Bus station i tried to find out where i was, but Sarajevo have two bus-stations and since i didnt know which one i was in I decoded to take a taxi to the Hotel and the price was 5KM (2.5euro) which turned out just as good as the 1.8KM I had to pay on the tram. I unpacked at the Hostel and went on the "Sarajevo Free tour" and found myself to be the only participant. The guide "Nito" really deserved more than the 10KM (5euro) i gave him, but i couldnt pay for the people that didnt show up.. After walking across the city with him for almost three hours i headed to the "History Museum" which is a GREAT(!!) museum and a must-see museum if youre in Sarajevo. One part of the museum features everything except the Siege of Sarajevo and the other part features a comprehensive collection of pictures from the Siege of Sarajevo.


I CAN NOT UNDERSTAND how the world society could be passive bystanders to this catastrophe. The UN was there and supplying the Sarajevans with food and other supplies , but after a visit to Sarajevo i feel ashamed that we didnt do anything before 1995 with the total breach of human rights. The war on the Balkans was a really dirty war and almost every war-crime there is was commited by the Serbian agressors.
After the History Museum i went back to the Hostel for a few hours and found out that there was a Football game between two teams from Sarajevo (FK Olimpik and FK Zelzenica) and after hearing about the crazy fans from the Balkans (Especially Red Star Belgrade) i decided to go and i was not disapointed.

Kosevo stadium was almost empty with only 7000 seats out of 35000 where occupied, but when you have 4000 of the supporters singing the entire game and using flares and fire-crackers its bound to be a great gaeme both at the pitch and at the stand. After the game i went back to the hostel to relax.

The next day i decided that i would shorten my stay in Sarajevo to 1night instead of three and take the nightbus to Belgrade. This was OK with the hostel and i headed out to the "Sarajevo Tunel Tour" which was very informal, but the price is a bit steep if you consider the 12euro you paid when you can do it for 4euro on your own, but then you dont get a guide telling you how things really where.

After the Tunel tour i walked around , ate some Cevapi and ended up at the "Assasination Museum" which features the history that started the 1st world war. THe Museum is very small, but it was quite interesting. Its located exactly where the shots where fired to be sure to check it out. I then headed to the Night-bus to Belgrade.

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My guide in Sarajevo! Thanks Nino!…
My guide in Sarajevo! Thanks Nino…
photo by: herman_munster