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Trang is a slightly boring place. I didnt really do anything in Trang at all except partying and meeting Thai people which is something ive missed by my trip to Thailand. Ive met loads of farang (Thai word for Foreigner), but I havent really met any Thai's except Djoungai in Bangkok for a day.

I arrived Trang kinda late after a Karaoke bus-ride from Krabi. They played pumping karaoke music the entire trip and THai Teen music really gets to you after two hours straight. I gave my disposable camera with the whalesharks pictures to the local photoshop and got the message that i could pick them up Monday Evening since i gave them in Saturday evening.
To make a long story short I had to spend one day more than i wanted in Trang because i waited for these pictures AND when i got them back they where all so horrible! Guess being through the X-rays machine in airports several times is kinda bad for film cameras. Im going to get an digital underwater camera that i can use down to at least 20meters because its just so much to see down there :)

Well.. The only thing i really did in Trang was to visit a park where tais exersize and get to know some of the people playing football without letting the ball touch the ground. This is ok enough , but they did it with a really really small ball which impressed me quite a lot.

On the way back i met a group of Thai's that where dining at the same resturant and they gave me so much Blended ..uhh.. Whiskey or Brandy.
They was really cool people and i learned the most important words while you drink. Lao (Pure Sprit) , Kao (Mixed Spirit) and Boli (Cigarettes).

After a few hours Samarat drove me home and my gay Alarm should have been flashing red when he asked if we should go up to do a couple of drinks. I had a bottle of Whiskey from the days before and took a few drinks before he started to touch the inside of my thigh. Dammit! I guess my gayday is broken , even in Bergen guys can buy me drinks and I can have no idea that they wants to get in my pants and they can even ask if they can come up for drinks without me knowing anything before its to late. Though.. I have gotten quite a few beers that way, but its scary that so many percieve me as bi or gay.. Well.. Free ber is better than no beer.. :P

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photo by: Vivi-vivi