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Here we are again! After two months working for Chemical ships and 1month at the "Fjordcruise" ships going up and down the Norwegian coast transporting tourists i decided that enough was enough, and called the main office and said that I was unavailble until the 1st of september.
The reson why i ended up in Split is quite easily that the Airline Norwegian had a promo for 45euro including all taxes two days after i got off work.
Shortly after arriving Split i met up with Ian and Alex from the UK and they became travelbuddies through Croatia. They even made me do Zagreb before Sarajevo and I might not go to Sarajevo because of them.. I dont know if i should love or hate them.. hehe
From my perspective there isnt really that much to do in Split as i walked around the waterfront and the old Roman remains which forms the centre of the city.

It sounds A LOT more interesting than it is since the entire Palace is filled with souvenir shops and expensive resturants. Some parts of the Palace also contains normal apartments, but its mostly just a tourist trap which only seemed mildly interesting to me.
On the other side Split turned out to be a great party city where Ian , Alex and me headed out after i had emptied a bottle of Hot'N'Sweet almost all by myself. To make matters worse did the bartender like us so much that he came to our table poured us loads of shots which was the last part i remembered of that evening. 
According to Alex (Ian went home early) i was dancing like crazy on the floor , knocking over tables and talking to different guys and girls untill we headed home. According to them we had a really good night..

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photo by: EmEm