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I slept untill noon after a very painful busride from Manila and went out to explore just to meet a couple of students who just completed an exam. We went hiking near "Mount ST.Thomas" and talked for a few hours on the top before we headed down to a bar just to kill a few hours. After the first round they said "we dont really have the budget to drink" so i just bought a bottle og gin for P150 to keep the party going. Considering that im paying around P450 for a single beer at home it came out quite good with around P350 after a lot of shots and beers.

At least one of my friends got so drunk that we had to carry him home , a girl so drunk that she forgot my name 3times and another guy just rested on the counter for a few hours.
Im sure i drank more than all of them, but they where just 45kg and Im around 85kg so guess it has something to do with it.. also the fact that im a few years older , and probably more experience?

The next day:

I decided to go to "Balatoc Mines" and check that out after a recomendation in Lonely Planet. The mines was ok, but it was nowhere as impressive as it seemed like after reading LP , but when the people in the mine blows up a stick of dynamite while youre inside the mine i guess you cant complain.

The tour consists of just walking along some old railway tracks while the guide explains what the equipment on display is (or was) being used for and a little bit of the history of the mine. After a brief tour along the tracks to enter the mine just to walk inside a tunell for 5minutes to reach a guy that is drilling holes for dynamite. You get to try it out for a few seconds if you want to get that "I was here picture" They then explains how the dynamite is being ignited and blows up a stick of dynamite.. The tour is done in about 40minutes which is quite a waste thinking that the trip here is about 50min from Bagiuo.. The price of admission is P250 which is quite steep considering what you are getting.

I then headed into town. Walk around Camp John Hay to find that the "mile high viewpoint" had been taken down (according to the locals". I went on a small hike and walked some off trail and got scratched up on my arms and legs because i tried to pass through some dense vegetariation.
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photo by: cookiecandy22