Mountainclimbing the Gudung Belumut (3400ft) and doing some archery practice

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Me and steve really wanted to Hike Mt. Ophir (Gudung Ledang), but since we had to pay a guide at Gudung Ledang we went with Gudung Belumut instead. Im not sure if it was a wise choice as i think Gudung Ledang is a lot nicer. We got up at around 06:30 in the morning , got some breakfast at McDonalds and went to the bus station. Wikipedia says you have to take a taxi to the Gudung Belumut, but its also accesible by public transport and the bus leaves at 07:25 which is about perfect since you arrive at the bus stop (3-4km from the beginning of the park) and youll be starting the accent at around 09:45. You really have to registrer at the police station (free) to climb the peak and pay a 30ringit permit (I dont know if this is true), but that is what the people claimed. We where stopped by several guys who refused us to climb.. We paid them some money and started the climb. I cant say how angry im at this PADI-attitude (Pay Additional Dollars Imidiatly). In Europe everyone can hike everywhere they want without having to pay at all! In Norway you can even go camping anywhere you want , even on private property if you dont disturb the owners are are at least 250meters from the nearest house.. I wish all these people claiming money where struck be constant dihorea and that passing jumbo jets constantly let ho their toilet holds on their heads! It probably wouldnt matter because they are already big pieces of shit!

Every place we have read it says that the climb is 5-6hours and the descent is 3-4hours. I dont know where they got those numbers from becaue me and steve climbed the mountain in around 3hours and descended in around 2hours 15minutes, but were probably a bit more used to walking than the average tourists.. Reminds me a bit when i dragged several Travbuddies up a small hike i normally do at least on a weekly basis in Bergen and does in around 15-20minutes. I can say that several people have used as much as 1hour 15minutes (you know who you are!!) while someone claiming to be "fit" from Australia used at least 40minutes. I dont understand how people that looks slim and fit can be so incredible unfit, but thats another story...

I guess most people will use around 4hours on the ascent and 3hours on the descent with includedd
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photo by: RenieMaria