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Several people have said that they really liked Melaka (Malacca), and that it was their highlight of their stay in Malaysia. Steve decided to ditch his plans to go hiking in the North and joined me when we headed to the Bus to Melaka. We arrived Melaka when it was dark and Melakka during nighttime is a truly impressive sight. All the buildings are lit up and the Melaka river just cuts through the historical disctric and some locals said it was almost like Venice. I would go that far, but its no doubt that the historical part of Melaka is very picturesque. This is a tourist town and the prices will many times reflect this , but the accomodation isnt all that bad at around 12-20ringit for a dorm bed. We decided on the "Discovery Guesthouse and Cafe" and they charged 17RM for a dorm bed in a Airconditioned room ,with breakfast included , wifi in lobby.
This sounds like a good deal, but it REALLY isnt. Both me and steve agreed that this was the worst hostel we had been in for ages and I really hope nobody else decides to stay there.

Here is my compaints:

*The Aircon is only running from 22:00 to 06:00. This means that you wake up sweaty and the fans doesnt cover all the beds. Waking up soaked in sweat isnt what i combine with an Aircon room
*They charged me to use the computer even when someone told me that it was free for a short period of time. I checked my mail, facebook and travbuddy and was charged 2.5RM even when another guy working at the place said it was free for me since i was a guest
*Some employees in the hostel sleep in the dorm and makes lots of noise
*The beds in the hostel makes a lot of "squeeking" noises.

*They did not give us back our RM10 key deposit when we checked out.
*In the Cafe there is live music, but its so loud that you cant really talk which takes some of the joy away from enjoying a pint after a long day.

For the city itself its a very impressive place which seems a lot more touristy than KL. There are several good museums in Melaka and i recomend anyone checking them out as the admission is very low and they are quite interesting. The best deal is the maritime museums which actually are three museum with a combined ticket of RM3.

You can also take the revolving observation tower to get a good view over Melakka, but we just went up in a tall building instead to get a similar view. The price is RM20 , same price as the "Eye on Malaysia" which is a tall ferris wheel like the London Eye.
Better find a large hotel or apartment complex and take the elevator to the top floor and enjoy the view for free :)

We also went swimming for a few hours in a large outdoor pool. The price is RM2 for admission and Rm2 if you need to rent swimwear which i did. A normal shorts was not allowed , so renting was the only option. The pool was 12.5ft deep which should be around 4meters. I dove down a couple of times and was surprised that the surface was so close. I must have been more than 10meters down when ive been snorkeling as the surface was AT LEAST two or three times farther when I was snorkeling. The fins makes it really easy to get really deep.

So.. Go to Melaka! Its worth it at least for a couple of days :)
tvillingmarit says:
Yes Malaka is pretty amasing, loved the red houses and the history of the town
Posted on: Apr 17, 2010
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