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Day 13 – Sharja
We got up at around 10:00 and jumped on the bus into town , just to observe that it took around 1hour to get into Dubai and into the wrong bus station. We accepted our loss and took a taxi into Sharja and arrived around 2hours after we left the hostel. On the way back we found out that it was a 8km taxi-ride that would have taken 20minutes(36DHS) if we have jumped in a taxi right away.

Sharja likes to describe themselves as the culture capital of the UAE (along with Abu Dhabi which also claims that title) and the title is well deserved. There is a ton of interesting museums in Sharja and we decided to go to:
Maritime Museum. This little museum is about the maritime history of the Arabian gulf and Sharja in particular.
The museum contains some interactive content and a lot of models of old dhows and some information of how the ports of Sharja perform today. I actually learned that I actually joined my last ship from Sharja (Hamryah Port Free Zone). I though it was Dubai , it was actually in Sharja.
There is also exhibits about how the gulf states managed economically before the discovery of oil with videos ,models and signs showing how pearl diving was done.

I found the museum quite amusing and would give it 3/5 stars.
Sharja Aquarium. This Aquarium is located right next to the Maritime Museum so if youre going to visit the Maritime Museum you should also take a look at the Sharja Aquarium. As you might guess this is a aquarium with the species native to the gulf and takes you both above the water and the classic glass views from below the waterline.
There are also two underwater tunnels. The Museum is also quite amusing so I would rate it at 3/5 stars.

As a total package of both the Aquarium and the Maritime Museum i would give them 4/5 stars as they are so close together and the entrance fees are quite low at 8dhs for the Maritime Museum and 20dhs for the Aquarium.
Al Hisn Fort. This fort was under restoration so i dont really know how the final exhibit would be, but the incomplete exhibit included some pictures of the old Sharja and like any history museum with some self-respect som firearms. There where no guards at the museum and it was just three other visits at the same time we picked up a few replicas of old canons and got some childish pictures which for me was worth the visit alone since there was no entrance fee.
It would probably be a small entrance fee when the museum is finished.
We also headed to ”Al Mahatta” museum which is supposed to be an Aviation Museum, but the guys in the counter said that we had to come back the next day even if it was 40minutes before closing time! That is not the way you should treat visitors!

I can also recommend everyone interested in picturestiqe skylines to head to the waterpromenade near the Gold Souk in Sharja as it offers some very good views.

Day 14 Dubai Again
This was the last day of our stay in Dubai and we had prosponed the visit to ”Burj Kalifa / Burj Dubai” to this day and had tickets and was prepared to go , but when we arrived at the entrance we where told it was closed for maintenance! We felt really stupid because we didnt go right when we arrived, but unfortunatly it was nothing to do about it and we just roamed around in Dubai Mall and i bought a Nokia N97 and a USB Projector.
. It was just in the spur of the moment and i really dont need anyone of the gadgets , but what the heck.. it was after all Dubai Shopping Festival and we felt bad for not doing any shopping on our visit. We rounded off the Day with watching ”The Book of Eli” which features Densel Washington which is one of my favourite actors. The film was good, but nothing i would remember in a couple of years even in Densel did his part superbly as always.
After today i went solo again as my companion went home to Norway again.Its strange to be on my own again, but i wouldnt know of a country in the world where it would be easier to travel alone than Philippines which is my next stop.
Funny Fact: The ship i signed off in Rotterdam will arrive Dubai in Three days. I really wished i could have visited them before heading to Philippines, but i know that several goods friends will sign off in Dubai so I’ll meet them in about a week or so =) Lets hope i can extend my vacation to vitness one of my best friends onboard getting married in Bacolod in May.. The rings are just gorgeous and even bought with my debit card since the groom went far over his budget to buy them ;)

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photo by: vances