Get out Abhisit! (Red Shirts Rally)

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I heard about the riots in Bangkok and decided to go back as soon as i could because i really like watching history first hand I remembered that i knew someone in Thailand through Travbuddy (Dodge) and contacted her and said i was comming. This blog is being written while in sitting on the train from Ayutthaya to Bangkok at third class sitting on the floor and sweating.

After arriving in Bangkok i did.. very little for a few hours before i met up with the travbuddy "Dodge". After meeting up with her i must really say that i enjoy the 1 on 1 meetups equally or maybe even more than the group meetups since you actually get to know the other person. We just took a few beers in Khao San Road and wathed the tourists going around in the street and dancing at an "outdoor" dancefloor on the street just down the road.
She showed me the Red Shirt rallies which i went to the next day and we just talked for a few hours before someone came over to our table and asked if I wanted to buy a rose (How Sexist!! I feel discriminated against! Feminists from all over the world: Help me... ohh? YOu wont help me? You Hippocrites!).

The weird thing is that the person who tried to sell us the rose left it at our table and went on to sell more roses. We laughed a bit and started playing around with the rose and i got some really cute pictures of dodge (and ME!). Around 3 AM we ate some yummy food and called it the night :) I took a tuk-tuk home for 70bath since i didnt want to walk the 3.9kilometers home to Hua Lamphong and i knew that a metered taxi was around 70bath (with a little zig-zag).

The next day i slept until late because i obviously drank more than I realized and just lazed aroung until 3PM when i went to the red-shirt rally at the democracy monument.
After a while i met two guys which offered me a beer and a friendship was born.

When we where all out of beer we went to the 7/11 to buy more, but the guards refused us to get back in so we got a ride on a scooter and rode to the other entrance just a couple blocks away. Why close one entrance when the others are open??

PS: Remind me to never eat green chilli again. I had to suck on an ice-cube for quite some time afterwards to get the burning sensation away from my tounge.

Next Stop: Ko Tao!
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photo by: Deats