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Las Vegas - Gambling and Sightseeing

Las Vegas.. I didnt have any clue about what to expect before i came to this place. Ive heard a bunch of stories, but i never really pictured anything except for some fancy hotels and the casinos.

After 4nights in Vegas i can however say that the entire city is an entertainment capital. For Europeans it can be compared to Ibiza , Gran Canaria or other party destinations multiplied by 10. That is basicly what vegas seems (to me) to be all about. There are touts giving out cards for private dances in your hotelroom , touts selling wanter , touts selling any kinds of stuff , people throwing you into resturants and so on.

It seems like every hotel has to have something unique. Here is what i remember:

MGM Grand - Lion Habitat
New York New York - Shaped like NYC Skyline + Rollercoaster
Excalibur - Shaped like a Castle
Luxxor - Ancient Greeks
Paris - French Stuff with the Eifil Tower in 50% scale.

Trump Tower - Some Pirate SHow
Bellagio - Large Fountain Show
Mirage - Volcano
Stratosphere - Tower with Thrillrides
Caesars Palace - Roman Empire with gigantic highrolling casino

There are more hotels with different themes , but these are the ones i remember.

I did fall into a casino. The first night i went out i headed upto Freemont because ive heard there where concerts there and the "Freemont Street Experience" was supposed to be good, There where a great metal/rock concert when we arrived and the canopy was all lit up when the show started. Then i fell into the nearest Casino and put 100 USD on the table. Lost 20 usd after playing 20minutes. Then i saw a poledancer dancing next to some tables and decided to go there. After standing around for 15minutes i got a seat and this was where i sat for at least 3more hours.
In reality i have no idea on how long i was there because the casino just showed drinks up my face until i could barely focus or stand. If you take it consideration that i won 40 usd on the last table its great that they gave me at least 10-15drinks during those hours i was there.

When it was time to go home i hailed a taxi and asked to go to the hotel. The taxidriver took me to a stripclub and said that there where no cover. I felt things started to spin and asked to go back to the Hotel. If i would have been just a tad less drunk i would have gone in here and probably maxed out my credit card. Guess i was fortunate ;)

Met up with Melanie (Melmel) and she took me to In-N-Out Burger. Quality Burgers! Melanie is cool. Then we got our car and that was a bit of a problem. First we waited in line , then Credit card where maxed out and blocked for 24hours , then we went back to the hotel and got another one and then it finally worked. It took us more than 2 hours from the time we walked into the Rental Center close to the Airport. But we finally got out 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible ;) The car turned out to be a little disapointing , but more on that later.

Next morning we headed out to Hoover Dam , Grand Canyon.

mellemel8 says:
Awwwww i had a blast with you. i hope to see you again some where in the world.
Posted on: Jun 17, 2011
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Las Vegas
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