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Next Stop: Koh Phi Phi - Free buckets Mayhem!

The plan was to go from Koh Tao to Surat Thani and stay there to explore a national park, but when i saw a "travel agent" have combined tickets to Koh Phi Phi for 900 Bath i decided to jump on it as Koh Phi Phi came highly recomended by a friend of mine. The trip began with the Night Boat from Ko Tao to Surat Thani which is an OK way to travel. This is really an old cargo ship with a lot of small matresses close together , so there is no privacy and youre going to be very close to the people sleeping next to you. I didnt bother and slept almost the entire trip :)

Then we went on Buses and another boat and ended up in Koh Phi Phi.
There are always touts greeting you and offering you discounted accomodation and everything youre heart can desire just as long as you can pay for it. I turned them down , was offered a map from a diveshop. There i met Julia and we chatted for some time while she tried to get me to do diving with them. Someone gave me a tip that there three places which offered dormitories all located in the same area (Linda's Guesthouse , Rock Backpackers and another places just opposite to the 007 bar). I stayed in Lindas Guesthouse which was a OK place with comfortable beds and lockers for your valuables.

When i went out to eat something about an hour later after restingI met Julia again! She was just as surprised to see me as I was to see her and we talked for a while , shared a softdrink before she headed home and I headed up to the viewpoint.
I guess it was probably for the best that she didnt join me as Ive had girls joining me on hikes before and most of them hate me now because the hike was "slightly" harder than the imagined.

The first day i did Snorkeling for the entire day which is exxelent value at P650 for an entire day on the boat with lunch included. The owner of the boat must dig Bob Marley as he played bob Marley records at least 3 of the 8 hours we where on the boat , just to switch to some Thai Reggae afterwards.

Snorkeling is a lot of fun when you use the right techniche to hyperventilate for 4-5times to empty your lungs of CO2 and then turn your face down and fins up to let the weight of your leggs push you down there you can start to use your fins again. After a little practice i managed to get down to around 7-8meters (if not more) and said hellow to a couple of scuba divers that where diving at the same place.
They offered me some air from their Alternate Airsource, but i wasnt sure how that would work since the air down there is compressed and it COULD damage my lungs on the way up if i dont empty them completely before acending by doing the CESA.

I met Sizhang (Hope I didnt spell your name wrong if youre reading this) and we went to Moskito Divers to do a couple of dives the next day. Moskito Divers is a good diveshop and the price is 2500 Bath for two dives which is more than 4times the price of Koh Tao! But the Diving was very good and im glad i did it. We did a dive that was 54minutes and a 56minutes dive with maximum depths of 17.1 and 17.4meters. Im pleasantly surprised that i managed to last that long and came up with around 40bars left on the bottle each time , altough the more experienced divers came up with 70-75 on their bottle which means that i used 160bars while they used 130 bars which is a quite significant difference.
THe maximum divetime is 1hour so at these depths around 10-15meters its allright

Partying in Koh Phi Phi is not bad at all. You have places like Reggae Bar which has a boxing ring where you can fight and get a free bucket for participating. The rounds are around 40sec each so if you can endure 2minutes of torture youll get a free bucket! There is also A LOT of touts standing around in that area giving you flyers that you can trade if for free buckets at other bars so if youre smart you dont have to pay for alcohol. The last night in Phi Phi i got 4 free Buckets and only bought two beers and one water at 7/11 after the bars where closed. Someone refused to give me back my vallet after i handed it to them so the total expensive was non the less around P1000. For P1000 we had wrestling matches at the beach , being at a crowded dancefloor , swimming , jumping through rings of fire and just having a really good time.

CFD says:
And endure two minutes of torture when i could have stepped outside and gotten a free flyer for free buckets at another bar? If i would have been in better shape i probably would have entered the ring..
Posted on: Jun 02, 2011
pearcetoyou says:
You didn't get into the ring???
Posted on: Jun 02, 2011
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