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Novi Sad is a perfect daytrip (get up EARLY) from belgrade and is a quite large city with its several thousand inhabitants. When i got to the Bus station in Novi Sad i got on the wrong bus into the city center and ended up far outside the city center on the other side of the river. I got of the bus as fast as I saw that we left the city limits of Novi Sad and was stranded in the middle of nowhere. After waiting at the bus stop for around 30minutes two small girls came alone and played with two puppies that where playing right next to me. After a while i came in contact with one of the parents and said that i took the wrong bus and ended up in the middle of nowhere. They where so kind that they drove me to "Torg Slobode" which where in the middle of the city! I have the most gorgeous picture of them as well.

. Im so glad that we actually find so kind people in 2010 as fewer and fewer people pick up hitch-hikers and help out people in need. After walking around Torg Slobode and nearby sights i headed over to River to the big Fortress in Novi Sad. On the way up i met two Serbian Women which i came in contact with and spent a few hours with them before taking a beer together with them. I had to catch a bus and ran away ,just to realize that i had forgot to pay for the drinks ( I invited them on a drink and then I had expected to pay for it all), but when i came running back to their table and tried to slip 300 dinars under my glass they said that we where going to meet again. A few days later i have yet to recieve an Email from them... I hope my handwriting wasnt to bad so they mistyped the Email adresss.
I then headed back to Belgrade , picked up my bags and got on the train to Skopje.

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Novi Sad
photo by: EmEm