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The trainride from  Bucharest to Chisinau turned out to be a real party-train. I met a 4germans , 1 russian and a guy from Japan. We didnt have so much beer, but luckily the car had a resturant which we could buy beers and Vodka. To make a long story short we partied in the hallway until the conductor told us to shut up and then we moved to the entrance to the next railcar. A managed to hold my vodka quite well, but one of the Germans became so drunk that he almost fell out of the railcar (We had the door open for aircondition because of the heatwave). We managed to get him to bed at around 2:00 despite him always joining the party again saying "I want to party all night!". Everyone asked me repeatedly "what did you do to him? He's your responsibility so get him to bed so he dont hurt himself".

 It was a lot of fun :)


Well there in Kishinev we decided to take a taxi to the "Chisinau Hostel" ,but the Japanese guy managed to come walking back with a POLICE officer for no apparent reason. After signing up at the police station (nobody understood why we had to do it) the taxi driver tried to rip us off , and even if im just walking away after giving him 1.5x what the locals pay (I always ask locals first) the germans gave him 80 lei (6euro) while it should have been 15lei. Tourists... :P


In Chinsinau me en Mr. Suzuki went out to explore the city. The trip started at Mall Dova (Great name!) and with my directions we walked around 500meters in the wrong direction before we asked someone by pointing on a map and looking like a qestionmark. We walked around for a few hours and realised that Chinsinau is a town without anything really important to see.

The only thing of interest was that some mormons approached us and wanted us to see their new church in Kiev. We then decided to eat at this really good resturant called "Taifern" or anything. I almost dont have words for how good the food was, but after getting a mouthgasm for about 2hours we got the check and it was 928lei. This is around around 65euro which was a lot more than i had planned to spend, but guess you have to go out on a splurge once in a while.

After we headed back to the Hostel , stopping for a few beers from Mall Dova and some haircolour. When i told the girl that was at the hostel reception that I had bought haircolour she really wanted to colour my hair , and after quite a lot of beer she got her way.. And whoops i was blonde.
The next day i headed to Tiraspol which is technically in Moldova, but they really want to be their own country. More on that later.

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photo by: Biedjee