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Instead of heading to Mostar as I had planned the guys invited me out to see one of the Islands outside of Split. We decided to go to Supetar located on the island Brac which is a 1hour ferry ride from Split. Here we stayed at a hostel called "Funky Donkey" which is a good party hostel. We got the great Idea to rent Scooters which turned out to be 50cc Mopeds with a maximum speed of around 50-60km/h. Ian took one of the Scooters while me and Alex shared the other one.
We passed through several charming villages and took a pit stop in Milna which where supposed to have a nice beach.

We didnt find the beach, but discovered a HUGE Yatch moored in the Harbour , sat down , ate lunch and.... ehh.. Where planning to go bathing , but the water was so cold (see picture) that we skipped it.
After Milna we headed to the lookout point "Vidova Gora" which is located almost 800meters above the sealevel and can be reached by car (or Mopeds). After taking a few pictures at the top we headed down to the town called "Bol" which where supposed to have (according to the tourist leaflets) one of the nicest beaches in the world.. It was a nice beach as for pebble-beaches go, but a beach should be SANDY!
Alex decided to take the bus back since 60kilometers on a moped had taken its toll on his Behind. I agreed to take the Moped home and Me and Ian agreed to pass by the "Dragons Cave" and thus taking a different route home.
... and this is where the fun began.
We just followed a map we got on the Hostel there where two roads heading back to Supetar. This road turned out to be the old road going across the Island and can be categorized as a poor dirt track at best. To make it even more interesting my scooter broke down at least three times in the middle of nowhere. Fortunatly for us the scooters had off-road tires. The pictures might lie a little bit since we didnt stop at the worst parts to take pictures, just when i remembered that i wanted to get one. When me and Ian got back Alex was really worried since we had spent almost two hours on the 30kilometers back to Supetar. We laughed about it over a quite good Kebab and headed back to the Hostel.
We decided to go out to take a few beers, but as we should know by now a few beers doesnt mean a few beers. As the night out in Split it turned out to be a great night. Some of the highlights are that we won 1100 credits (aparently worth 110 Kuna) on the slot Machine , doing the "Bird is the word dance" inside nightclubs , being hit on by girls(!) and i was observed dancing with a chair at one point..
On the way home i aparently (my memory is a little hazy) said "Give me everything you got" to the poor women making us sandwhiches. Damn those Jaegerbombs!!

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We won 1100 at the Machine and did…
We won 1100 at the Machine and di…
photo by: Nat_flash