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The trip to Belgrade started in the worst possible manner. I got a seat next to a big brit which made it almost impossible to sleep. He slept for most of the time, but i couldnt sleep one bit until the last part of the trip.
Well there in Belgrade i met up with two French-Canadian i met in Belgrade and went together with them to "Happy Hostel". Happy Hostel is a hostel i cant recomend because its around 1km from the Train Station and 1.5km away from the Republic square , which is where you want to spend most of your time. To get to the dorms you have to walk through another dorm which makes it quite noisy and there where big lines for going into the showers at the morning. 

I went straight out and followed the French-Canadians for about one hour before i got to tired of just walking around the boring parts of the city without any meaning at all.

I parted with them and went to the fortress and slept on a bench for a while before it started to rain and i woke up by little raindrops fell on my face. I then went to the Military Museum (100dinars) inside the Fortress. The museum is has a HUGE exhibition, but its mostly in serbian and got a lot of uniforms , weapongs and pictures. Its OK to kill time, but its not a must see while youre in Belgrade.
After the Military Museum i managed to get lost inside the fortress. I went to the Lookout tower (20dinars), but its really not worth it since its facing the rivers and not the city. Its only 20dinars so it wasnt really any money wasted. I tried to get out of the fortress for about 1hour before i sucseeded(!). Well out of the fortress i went around the city and took some pictures before i went back to the hostel to get a little rest since i was very tired from the busride described over.

After a long nap i woke up around 21:00 by some Belgians that planned to go out. I thought about going together with them , but they where going right away and i wanted to take a shower first. I then met Hugo (Australia) and we went out to a place that came highly recomended from the Hostel staff. On the way there we went past this pub where we saw people dancing on the tables and so on , so we decided to go inside and OH MY GOD so we hit jackpot with the pub! There where people going around playing instruments , locals standing on chairs and tables singing and not least we came in contact with an Underwear Model and her friends. They where good fun and we hung out with the until the bar closed. They said there where like sex in the city, but the that "got no sex". I can guarantee you that if they had played their cards right (they had good hands!) they could easily have persuaded us because we where slightly intoxicated when the bar closed.

We then headed to the bar that came highly recomended by the hostel and it was great as well. We have "live music". They played records in the background where the band filled in (most of the time) when they felt like it. We met a group of Serbians which where A LOT of fun. Three girls where only one of them spoke english and a guy which where a car mechanic. He was really funny and even if he didnt really speak English he encouraged me to hit on one of the girls all the time. I can be really confident in some situations and really shy in some sitations (most of the time) and this was a time to be quite shy. In the end the night turned out great with lots of great memories. To bad i didnt get Hugo's email since he had to leave the night morning because the hostel was fully booked.

The next day i went on the "Belgrade Fre tour" which was quite bad because the guide didnt really know that much and had big problems speaking english. After seeing her i went to..uhh.. I dont really remember what i did for the rest of the day except for eating in a chineese place. When the evening came up I went out with the Belgian girls from the day before and we had some salads , beers , went to a concert area just to leave again because of the ticket prices and the fact that it was all in Serbian. We then went to the barges on the river and partied the night away.

Day three.  This day i went to the "Museum of Yugoslav History (The old Museum of May or Simply Tito Museum). It seems like the main building was closed and the only open parts where "House of Flowers" and "Old Museum" was open.

The House of flowers is where Josip "Tito" Broz is burried and the Old Museum is a collection of things given to Tito while he reigned as "President for life" in Yugoslavia. Its only mildly interesting. After seeing this Museum i headed to the Bus Station and Jumped on the Bus to NOVI SAD around 100km North of Belgrade.

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photo by: EmEm