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The next morning we headed for Sedona to see the redrocks ive heard about. We headed south on the Interstate just to find out that the exit where closed and we had to drive a long detour or turn back. I zoomed into the GPS and found a road across the mountain which we decided to take. This was where things got interesting!

The road was called "Schnebly Hill Road" and shortly after turning into the road we saw a sign "Road is for 4x4 Only". Since there are warning signs here EVERYWHERE we believed that it was fine to pass with our Mustang. The road started out quite good as a normal forest road and we reached the Vista lookout point. From the Lookoutpoint down to Sedona the road got really really rough and should only be passed by people in 4x4 or similar.

Here are some of the examples of the comments we got: "How's that Mustang working out for ya?" and "Sure you want to be driving here in that car?"

We had planned to take an Helicopter Tour of Sedona , but after the experience on Shcnebly Hill Road we decided to head straight for the Meteor Crater. The road up from Sedona was a scenic one and we stopped at a lookoutpoint looking down towards the canyon. Up on the interstate again we set the automatic speed limit to 80mph and drove the 45miles to the Meteor Crater. The Crater itself is the best preserved Meteor crater in the world and we got a tour of the visitor center and a 30minute history lesson about the crater and how it was formed. They even had a subway resturaurant at the visitor center and we decided to get some food for the road.

We then headed for the Grand Canyon East Entrance (as we had been to the South Entrance the day before).
About halfway there i found i big lot with gravel and decided to do some 360's in our Mustang. At first it didnt work at all, but after 10seconds i noticed that the traction controll where activated. With that deactivated doing 360's or more where not a problem at all and we got some cool videos. It was however a big mistake doing them with the cab down as the entire car was filled with dust afterwards.

In the Grand Canyon we stopped at several lookout points , but as the sun was setting it was hard getting some good pictures. After the Grand Canyon we headed down to Williams and checked into a super8 Motel as it has gotten dark already.

CFD says:
Hehe.. Since i was the one who was driving in the really rough part i dont have the pictures from that drive, but as soon as my friend uploads his pictures im going to add them as well. We went zig-zagging on the road for more than an hour trying to avoid big rocks and potholes..
Posted on: Jun 21, 2011
pearcetoyou says:
They'll never let you rent a car again! lol
Posted on: Jun 21, 2011
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photo by: Fitnessguru729