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Due to the fact I am often in Asia, and my two homes are about 18 time zones apart, I am often asked how I deal with jet lag.  My answer is drive a tour a bus.  Really it helps.  Some days I will start midday and work well into the wee hours of the next day.  A few days later I might have to get up around 4am for a very early morning start.  No matter how many times I do it I hate morning shifts and morning for me ends around 11am.  This was one of the worst starting times ever.  I had to be at work for 3am!!!  Crap how did I survive?

Most of my job for the Olympics was working for a Swiss watch company called Omega.  They had me a few other drivers transport their VIPs and corporate execs from venue to venue.  To be honest most of time was spent waiting in parking lots waiting for something to happen.
  For a person paid to drive a bus I did very little driving.  Oh well they paid me well and it allows me to head to Thailand in April.

On this day it was simple pick up the people early in the morning and take them to Whistler for some skiing events.  Normally at 3am Vancouver is dead dead dead.  It is also impossible to get to work by city transit as it does not start for a few more hours, so to get to work I need to take a taxi (I gave up my car a year ago).  Normally if I need a taxi I don't bother to call the company I just walk out onto Robson and wave one down or walk to the taxi stand in front of a nearby hotel.
  As soon as I stepped outside I realised my plan was not going to work today.  There were drunk people all over the place trying to get home after Olympic parties and I would need to compete with them for a taxi.  The good thing I was sober and jumped in front of others as a taxi dropped off some drunks at their hotel.

The best part was after I went and got my boss and drove to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, I found out I would not be needed for three hours.  The problem was my clients could not get out of the hotel as a much more important VIP was checking out.  The American Vice President Joe Biden was checking out and that meant the lobby of the hotel was completely locked down, nothing was moving in or around the hotel until he left. 

So what to do in Vancouver at 430am, not much.  I parked across the street and went a walk took some early morning photos.  Sorry for quality, I have a cheap camera and it really was not so good at taking photos with such inconsistent light.  The good news was I had the Omega display almost all to myself as everyone else in Vancouver was asleep or trying to get to sleep.  I even killed some time talking ot bored security guards and police officers.   After a while the Vice Pres was gone and here came my clients.  Off to Whistler we went.

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