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Again I was awoken by helicopters fairly early in the day.  What the heck the Torch Relay is done.  So once again I walk to the window to see what is going on and I am shocked.  I see a sight not often seen in Canada, a large group of riot police rushing up my street and stopping right on my doorstep.  At this point I am not really sure what is going on but I can here loud yelling on the street below and I can see the police have set up a defensive wall using mountain bikes.  The protesters were hidden from my view by one of the hotels that live next to.

I turned on the TV and checked the internet to see what was happening.  As you might already know some protesters had got way out of control and had damaged a local bank and department store.
  The police followed them around downtown, blocked them from going to the hotel where the IOC is staying.  For some reason the protesters ended up in the residential area of Robson Street before the police boxed them in just outside my place.  I got to see a few arrests and the paddy wagon was slowly filled.  About an hour later the excited died off and the streets of my neighborhood reopened. 

Today I did not start work until quite late so I went exploring for a while.  First I decided to check out the epicenter of the mornings protests and while I did some broken windows things were back to normal for both businesses.  I walked the length of Robson Street which has a bunch of events each day but they seem to start much later then the afternoon so really all I saw was a lot of people shopping and checking out the city.
  It was far more people in the area then I would expect at this time of year so there was a lot of energy on the streets.

I did spend some time around the Vancouver Art Gallery.  For many months there has been an Olympic clock counting down the days and hours until the Vancouver Olympics.  I have seen this clock so many times and even saw a very similar one in Hong Kong before the Beijing Olympics.  These clocks are sponsored and supplied by the Swiss clock company Omega.  This is the same company that is my main client so I spend a lot of time around Omega customers and employees.  As part of the Olympics Omega has taken over the plaza in front of the gallery and they have what looks like a bit of a history of their involvement  with the Olympics.
  It was too crowded for me and I think I will go back and take a look when it is not a weekend and more of the locals are back at work or school.  After my short journey it started to rain so headed home to rest before work.

I had a different client today then my normal one.  This company was a local wine distillery and they wanted to show off their product to their clients.  This company has some sort of pub located in what is called the O Zone, located near the Olympic speed skating oval.  These folks had spent the day up in Whistler but due to delays caused by weather they were late getting to me.  We should have gotten to the venue 2 hours before we did so these folks had less then 30 minutes to enjoy the O Zone.  For me this meant I had just enough time to find a place to park my bus and walk to the gate before it closed and I had to return to the bus.  So I did not get to see anything but it does look cool and I will have to go during the Olympics.  Maybe not at this time of night though as there did seem to be more then enough drunk teenagers hanging around. 

The next day is a day off so I will just wander around the Olympic sights in downtown Vancouver.

vances says:
I need clients like yours!
Posted on: Mar 09, 2010
Dunky_Hazard says:
Hah.. i remember the "riot" pretty sad actually. Yay damaging random property.. morons.

Glad those helicopters are gone though lol.. they were creeping me out.
Posted on: Mar 08, 2010
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