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Crossing to border to Burkina Faso

The most northern town of Ghana is Paga. Paga is a famous little town because of the nicely painted houses, and the 'sacred' crocodiles that you can stoke as it were cats. Because I was staying in Tamale, a big town in the north of the country, I went to see all this and being in Paga, I wanted to try the third 'tourist attraction' in the village; crossing the border to Burkina Faso.

Since I only had a single entry visa for Ghana, I was officially not allowed to cross the border. But a nice talk with and a sweet smile to the officer at the border and I could enter the country for an hour or so. Very curious to see the differences between Ghana and its northern neighbour I didn't hesitate for a second and walked in.

The Burkina Faso I saw of course was nothing but a sleepy border town. Some old taxi's; of course old French cars, some petrol stations; where the petrol is sold in old Pastis-bottles, and some small shops where the African music blasted out of the stereo's. Some nice shorts conversations and some pictures later, I walked back to Ghana, picked up my passport at the friendly officer and went back south towards Tamale.

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Crossing to border to Burkina Faso
Crossing to border to Burkina Faso
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