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We hired a speedboat for 3,000 baht for a round trip. We had 7 adults and 2 kids and 2 on the way. One of the scariest and the most fascinating about the trip was the boat ride. It was like riding a roller coaster and we were doing it without life jackets and many of us cannot swim. It was a first trip abroad for many members of my group. The boat dropped us off at the wrong resort and we had to send for the hotel staff. We spent the rest of the day swimming and eating in a restaurant nearby. The food on the island is quite pricey. You are expected to pay an extra 30 baht for a similar dish in BKK. That night 3 of us, daredevils, found our way to a different beach called Vong Duern beach. The water here is always warmer than other beaches on Ko Samed. The next day we took a minibus/ taxi at Vong Duern beach to Hat Saikew/ Diamond beach. The whole trip costs 200 baht but if you are willing to wait, you might only have to pay 30 baht each. The most exciting and longest part of the trip was here. We walked from beach to beach along the shore or on the rock. People seemed to be surprised to see us appear from out of nowhere. We were caught in the rain for a few minutes and we found some strange fruit. The rocks weren't slippery at all but we weren't equipped to walk along the rocky coast esp. in flip flops. Anyway, we did it. We arrived in Ao Sang Tian just in time for dinner with everybody. The following day we got up early to explore other beaches down south. Once again, we walked on the rocks to get to Ao Lungdam and Ao Wai. We pretty much tried all restaurants that are near our hotel and played frisbee that afternoon with the rest of the group. At about 5, we decided to try banana boat. For half an hour ride, it costs 800 baht. We had to join another group for the ride. When I saw the life vest they gave me, I didn't like it since it was very unsafe. Only one buckle works. One can tell that it is a very cheap life vest and it has seen better days. The driver turned sharply to get us off the boat. He turned left then right and around and over his waves. The first time I fell into the water, it was surprising and fun. The second time I fell off the boat, the lifevest became unbuckled and the sea pulled me down; I was almost stripped off my life vest. I got the worst panic attack of my life. After I fell for the forth time, I didn't have any strength to pull myself up. I was too tired and was ready to give in. For a moment, I thought I was better off left in the sea rather than on the boat. The last time I fell, my one hand was still on the handle and the other hand was holding my bikini bottom. At the beginning, my scream was something I looked forward to. At the end, it was scream of scare and hope that I would survive. My hand was killing me and the rings I were wearing blistered my skin. The moment I couldn't stand it any more and it was no longer enjoyment but punishment it was over. It was fun but I'm not sure if I will do it again. We ended the day by watching the sun set behind a cloud.

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Ko Samet
photo by: bcbusdriver